Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Essie and China Glaze

All the bloggers at the blog meet were given 6 Essie polishes. I was excited about those because I did not own any before. The versions we got are not the same as in the US. The brush is wider and the formula is different. I think. I heard that this brush is now like the ones in OPI polishes, and that did not sound too good to me. I have two OPI polishes and I hate hate hate the brushes. After trying this one Essie polish, I think that the brush isn't bad. Essie polishes will be sold here in stores in the beginning of next year. Before you could only get them online.

The first Essie polish I will show you is Big Spender. HeidiB from Mustaa kajalia got two of Big Spender accidentally, and I had two very similar dark reds, so we traded them. I don't remember the name of the polish I traded for Big Spender.

It's pretty!

I used three coats. It would have been good with one coat too. I just did two coats because I normally do two coats. But then I was in a hurry to class, and didn't put on a top coat. In the evening I decided to put a third coat and Seche Vite. 

I heard Essie polishes were 15 ml before, but now these are 13,5 ml. 

On my ring finger I put Icicle by China Glaze. This was also given to me at the blog meet. I'm assuming people got different polishes by China Glaze, as I've seen some blogposts about the goodie bags already and I have seen different colors. 

I put three coats of this, but just because I messed up the first coat... Had to cover it up somehow...

These are my boyfriend's hands in the picture below. I was taking these pictures this morning after drinking quite a bit of coffee, and I just couldn't keep the camera still with one hand to take a picture. So he held the polish, and I took a picture. Teamwork! 

The items in this blogpost were provided to me. My opinion is my opinion, not anyone elses.

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  1. Yes, we had just a bunch of China Glaze polishes, some colors we had only 2 pieces each, some 3. I got two polishes because I traded something from my goodie bag with somebody. :D Really no idea what that something was. Something I don't use, konad plates I guess.

  2. Hei, tosi kiva että ehdit jo kokeilemaan Big Spenderia. Näyttää sopivan sulle kyllä tosi hyvin!

    Oli muutenkin tosi mukavaa tavata sut sunnuntaina, oli kyllä tosi kiva päivä ja saatiin ihan valtavasti kaikkia ihania juttuja! :)

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  4. Sorry Smashinbeauty! I accidentally removed your comment... I totally wasn't supposed to do that! Sorry!

  5. I think I need to get that polish, looks super icy :3


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