Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Favorite 11 blogs of 2011!

I saw Tiffany / Will Work for Makeup show her Top 11 favorite blogs and youtubers and I wanted to do the same.

These are in no particular order. Some I have been following for years, some for only a week or two. These are the 11 that popped in my mind when I thought about the top 11. I was thinking of adding Tiffany to this list too because I love her blog, but since I copied this from her I thought it would be odd if I'd add her blog to this list. Her blog is one of my favorites in any case.

I am not a big commenter. I could start commenting more, in fact, I want to make that my New Year's resolution. 

Top 11 Blogs - International Edition  - meaning there will be English and Finnish blogs.

1. Amarixe
2. Fashioned in Finland
3. Glitter is my crack
4. Phyrra
5. Of Faces and Fingers
7. Pumpulipupu*
8. Lazy Dynamite*
9. Kosmetiikkaobsessio*
10. Obsessed with vanity
11. Eyelining Obsessions

*= Finnish text only

What are your favorites for this year?


  1. Oi kiitos, ihanaa oli päästä sun suosikkilistalle. Love your blog too, muru! :)

  2. Aw thank you for the mention hun :-) Hope you have a fabulous holiday season! x


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