Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From day makeup to night makeup

I wanted to do a tutorial on how to change a day makeup look into a night time look.

From this... (yes with the mascara messes on the lid...)

... to this.

I had on MAC Bare Study paint pot, IsaDora's eyebrow pencil and mascara to start with.

Start with a skin colored shadow and apply that with a shader brush to the browbone and down to the crease. This is done because a color like matte black is difficult to blend otherwise if it's directly on skin. I used the lightest matte shade from Wet n Wild's Vanity palette. I used Sigma's E60 large shader. You can add the shadow all the way under the brow to the inner corner.

Like so. The red brush is from The Cities collection from the Paris kit.

Flip the E60 over if you want, and apply a matte white shadow to the moving lid. I used Grimas shadows in the rest of the tutorial. 

With a E45 small tapered blending brush take the tiniest amount of matte black shadow and start applying that with a very light hand to your crease and outer V area. It is best to start with minute amounts of dark, and especially matte shadows as it is easier to apply more than to take off. 

With windshield wiper motion make the brush follow your crease. It should apply the matte black and blend at the same time.

Now take an E25 blending brush and the skin colored shadow again and start blending the outside area of the black. We don't want any sharp edges. If you want you can add more matte white on the lid. My E25 is travel-sized and it is a gift that comes with your purchase when your purchase is over $30.

Add eyeliner to the top lash line and some kajal liner to the waterline. You could tightline as well. Add more mascara and fake eyelashes if you want.

If you want more black, you can add more like I did.

You can bring the black on the outer lid part as well with the tapered blending brush. 

The red brushes are by Sigma Beauty. They are from the Cities Paris kit they were selling a while back. I bought mine during the Black Friday sale. The travel-sized E25 you get when your order is over $30. I am a Sigma Affiliate and the links to the brushes are affiliate links. If you visit their website, decide to purchase something, and appreciate my honesty, please use my affiliate links. I earn a small commision from every sale, and affiliate that I bring and I would really appreciate it if you would use my affiliate links. Thank you.

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