Saturday, December 17, 2011

I don't fish...

... but I bought something that is meant for tackles.

Can I introduce you to my new Glamour Doll Eyes collection storage?

Aww it looks so empty!!!

My previous storage made it seem like I would have a lot more than I actually have.

I put the 80's Child and Cities collections together. The rest I organized by color and I put the sample baggies with similar colors. 


  1. Nice storage. I recently re-organized my GDE stash too. Where you buy this case if you don`t mind me asking? :]

  2. Thanks Courtney. I bought it from a sports store called Budget Sport. It's a chain, but I doubt it exists in USA/Canada. I'm sure any sport stores sell these, especially when the fishing season is coming closer. I have no idea when that is though... :)


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