Thursday, December 29, 2011

Surprises and let-downs of 2011!


1. Hand lotion. 

I never used hand lotion because I hate the way my hands feel afterwards. I can't touch anything, my hands are greasy, and I'd have to wash my hands right after applying lotion. I just didn't like to use hand lotion. My hands are never really dry all the time anyways. I have days when they are dry, but those are those days when I work in the lab a lot or do a lot of cleaning and therefore soaking my hands constantly. At some point I discovered a way to use hand lotion without getting the greasy feel. I just apply the lotion on the backs of my hands, not on the side the touches everything. So even then when I figured out how to apply hand lotion I didn't own any hand lotions. I got a hand lotion (BeSave!) from a blogger meet up, and I had bought an Elizabeth Arden set with hand cream, so I have been carrying them with me.

2. Liquid foundation

I used to think liquid foundation is really heavy and always makes me look like I am wearing foundation. I was wrong. 

I am currently using two foundations by Clinique. Even better foundation in 3 Ivory (left) and Perfectly real makeup in shade 01 (right). I mix two drops of the Even better foundation with one drop of Perfectly real makeup to get my right shade. First I had the Even better, and 3 Ivory is the lightest shade, but on it's own it is too dark. Probably the perfect shade in the summer.

3. Estee Lauder lengthening mascara

The brush is really nice. It lengthens my lashes and doesn't clump. It doesn't give volume, but that I get by applying a volumizing mascara on top.

4. Korres lip butter

Mine is the Plum-shade. It gives you a lovely color to your lips and moisturizes. It is great! You can apply a thin layer or a thicker layer and that way control the color of your lips.

5. MAC Blacktrack fluidline

I used to hate gel liners. I don't anymore. I love this product!


1. Inglot freedom palette

There is nothing wrong with the product. Pigmentation of the shadows is great, but I just don't grab for the palette. I feel it was a waste of money.

2.  Max Factor Masterpiece mascara

The mascara itself isn't bad, but not great either. The price tag is horrible and the amount of product, especially compared to the price is horrendous. I got mine from a sale for 9.90€ ($12.76), but it has 4,5 ml of product! 4,5 ml!! 4,5 ml!!!

3. IsaDora Eyeshadow trios

I just don't like them. I think the colors are bland, they aren't pigmented enough and the dome-shape of the shadow is just horrible. The shadow creates a mess when you stick your brush in the shadow, the shadow just flies off of the dome.

4. Garnier Roll-on Anti-dark circles

The coverage is good. I love how light-weight it is. My eyes just react to it, they get somewhat irritated every single time I have used this product.

Disclaimer: I have bought the products myself, except for the BeSave hand lotion, and the IsaDora eyeshadow trios. Those two were given to me at a blog meetup's goodie bag. My opinions.

What are the products you loved in 2011 and what are those you didn't?


  1. Saanhan kommentoida myös suomeksi? :)

    Kerrankin joku, joka on mun kanssa samaa mieltä noista Inglotin luomiväreistä! Pigmentti on erinomainen, sitä ei voi kiistää, mutta joku niissä mullakin tökkii enkä koskaan käytä niitä. Olen ajatellut, että ehkä ne ovat liian pigmenttisiä suhteessa taitoihini, ja en vaan saa niitä levittymään nätisti. :(

    Ja noista IsaDoran trioista olen valitettavasti myös pitkälle samaa mieltä. Laatu on niissä hyvin epätasaista, varisevaa ja hohtavaa. IsaDoran vanhat duot, nelikot ja viisikot ovat onneksi huomattavasti parempia. :)

  2. Pumpulipupu, tottakai saa kommentoida suomeksi!

    Mä niin haluaisin tykätä Inglotista!

    IsaDorassa vielä musta tuntuu, että trion sävyt on liian lähellä toisiaan ja se on yksi syy miksi en pidä. Tulee tasapaksua luomiväriä...

  3. I started using liquid foundation a lot this year too, but mostly because I found that powder and mineral foundations don't last on my oily and sweaty skin :)

  4. I had been using Mineral Powder Foundation for years. I still have some of it left. I used it a while back after using liquid for months, and my face just started itching. I am now scared of trying the mineral powder foundation. Not that I would be allergic to it, but just that as my skin gets more dry closer to the winter, it reacts somehow and itches. But it's not like an allergic itch.


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