Friday, December 30, 2011

Wannabe-MUA Action

My boyfriend's sister had asked me to teach her to do a makeup look that is easy to do if she wants to create a more made up look for like a big party or something. 

She has good shadows, but she didn't have a gold shadow for the lid color which she wanted go get.I used Wet n' Wild's Vanity-palette, as it is closest to what she already has, and it's a palette that she can consider getting if she wants more variety with matte and shimmery shadow, or like a palette that's all-in-one. If she just gets a gold shadow she can create a great look with the rest that she already has. 

Since she doesn't wear eyeshadow daily she doesn't need the ridiculously large amounts that us beauty bloggers have. Mostly she uses a highlighter under her eyes and likes to fill in her eyebrows, and she uses red lipstick.

I gave her my mini-UDPP that I got when I bought the Naked-palette, as I am still trying to get through my full-size one... I also gave her a few brushes and showed her my brushes and what kinds there are that she could consider getting. 

I will show you the look on myself. Our eyeshape is slightly different, but quite similar. ;)

First I applied UPDD, then I applied shadow 2 on the whole lid with a shader brush. I applied shadow 1 to the brow bone. Shadow 2 can also be used on the browbone instead of the matte shadow 1.

Shadow 3 I used in the crease with a Sigma travel-size E25 that I gave to her. With a smaller brush  I used the same shadow 3 as a liner. For this I gave her a slanted small eyeshadow brush. This creates a soft liner. It is of course possible to use any kind of an eyeliner, not just shadow.

You can even use shadow 3 first like I did, and then use an eyeliner pencil to get a sharper line that still looks softer because there is the shadow underneath on a bigger area softening the liner. 

Or you can take an angled eyeliner brush and take up the shadow 3 and place that along the lash line. 

When you apply shadow 3 to the crease to create more dimension, it is fine if you just keep the color in the crease. It really depends on your eyeshape what looks best. 
You can test this out yourself which way looks better; shadow 3 in the crease only OR applying it in the crease AND a little to the outer 1/3 of the moving lid, like in the picture below.

Even though the drawings are made with different colors, I used the same shadow. You don't have to use the same shadow. You can use a shimmery brown in the crease and a matte one as a liner. 

Have a great New Years!!! 


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