Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gel Spa

I took the photos with my phone and didn't crop them, but they'll do for this post. 

I bought this from Prisma, and it cost 8-9 €. You get three uses out of it. This gel foot spa is a two-step process. Step one is poured into warm water and stirred. The water turns into gel. Stick your feet in there for at least 15 minutes. After this you pour the step 2 in which turns the gel back into liquid.


The gel feels very weird. I tend to move my toes and when the gel moves with your toes it is so strange. The first time I tried this my boyfriend stuck his feet in at the same time with me. Our basin wasn't big enough for two pairs of feet. He's not the type of a guy who use other skin care products other than body lotion, and he would not even use that but because his skin is really dry, he must. So the fact that he put his feet in this is a miracle. He thought this gel spa was so weird he had to try it.


There are two "flavors" - calming&soothing and refreshing. The one I used was calming. It contains lavender and lemongrass. 

I was introduced to this product at the blogger's meet up about a month ago. There many wondered what is it that makes the water turn into gel. I did not look into it until yesterday. The answer is very simple really. The main ingredient in this is sodium polyacrylate. It is a polymer which is capable of absorbing water 200-300 times its weight. Sodium polyacrylate polymer chain consists of units that bind to water molecules, and that is when the blue stuff you see in the picture below expands like crazy and forms a gel-like substance.

Sodium polyacrylate might be more familiar to mom's who use disposable diapers on their child. This is what they have in diapers as it can absorb great amounts of liquid. It might not be this exact polymer in the diapers, probably depends on the brand of diapers. There are plenty of other super absorbent polymers out there, but this type of a polymer is used in diapers. More info here and here.


Step 2 is only sodium chloride, it is salt. 

They say this gets rid of dead skin. It wont remove all completely if there is a lot, but if there is small amounts this gel spa really does remove them. The skin on my feet is in good condition thanks to biannual pedicures that I get to help with my psoriasis nails.

This is definitely worth trying even if you aren't that interested in foot spas. It is such a weird feeling! 

Have you heard/tried this yet? You should!


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