Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hello my beautiful friends, 

I need your help.

I received this mouse pad for Christmas and I don't have a powder called Sex-Appeal.

("A Lady adds the finishing touches to her makeup using a first-class powder - she uses Sex-Appeal")

I need to find one. Powder is something I hardly ever use, so I want to get something that I would actually use instead of it just being in a drawer with the rest of my makeup. 

The package in the picture reminds me of a Benefit blush/bronzer. :D

I was thinking of getting a NARS blush with this name, but as I read reviews and looked at swatches I doubt it is a blush that would show up that much. It was very, very light. 

What I am asking from you is recommendations of a product that has the name Sex-Appeal.

Eyeshadow, blush, bronzer etc. 



  1. Ooh! Amazing mousepad. I so want one also.

    Get Nars Orgasm, it deffo has sex-appeal and it works with anything ;)

  2. I am planning on getting that blush and I don't doubt it has sex-appeal, but I also want something with the name Sex-Appeal.


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