Monday, January 30, 2012

Looks - Sleek Storm Look One

We went to our friends' engagement party on Saturday and I did my makeup with the Storm-palette I just bought from Sleek.

This look reminds me of some looks done with the Naked-palette... Very similar...

Here's a little color chart and a reminder that what the palette looks like.

I was talking to my mother the other day about makeup and she shared some knowledge with me. Earlier, I did not really think too much about shadow placements, as I just did what I thought looked best on me. She gave me some tips on eyebrows and shadows. 

She explained this with three shadows, but in this look I used five. I used shimmery shadows on the lid and mattes in the crease. In the picture below you can see how I placed the shadows. I used blue colors for the matte shadows. Lighter blue is the lighter matte brown in the palette, and the darker blue is the darker matte brown, of course.

In the outer corner I did not create a V-shape with the one crease shadow. I put the darkest shimmery brown near the lash line in the shape that I do my eyeliner, but bigger. This creates lift, and usually is darker than the crease colors. She said older women can benefit from this technique greatly as it creates a lifting effect. Also the matte shadow in the crease can hide the excess eyelid. I brought the crease higher than usually (you'll see this later in the blogpost), which is also a way to create shadow and hide the bigger eyelid. Eye shapes vary and this technique is very modifiable. 

Maybe I have been doing my eye makeup in a similar manner before, but this time my mother told me specifics on shadow placement and the effects. Maybe this technique everyone already knew, but me. ;)

I then applied my eyeliner (MAC's Blacktrack fluidline) and IsaDora's Big Bold mascara.

I felt this makeup wasn't strong enough, so I applied more of the same matte browns in my crease and placed them higher than before.

I used Sleek's blush Flamingo. Strong stuff! Oh my goodness. I am typically very light-handed with blushes to begin with, but I had to be super careful with this one. I blush easily anyway, so I rather have too little blush than too much. I used a stippling brush by Make Up Store (#366) to apply it. It gives me the lightest application. I swiped the brush across the blush once, and the white parts were covered in the blush.

I also did my eyebrows differently than normally. I did use the same pencil, but I focused on different parts of the brow than any other time before. So. How did I do my brows differently?

What do you think about the look, and Sleek products in general?


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  1. you look awesome! wish I have the Sleek palette too!

    1. Thank you Imah Ayub. Hope you like the palette. :)

  2. Wow the palette has really pretty colors and I love your makeup! Where do you usually buy sleek products? I'm a real makeup addict, but haven't tried any of their products yet :/

    1. Thank you Angela.

      This was my first Sleek purchase. I bought them off Sleek's website ( I had been thinking about ordering for quite a while before. One reason was the high shipping costs. I paid 7€, but I got many produts so I thought it was doable. If I'd ordered only one blush, 7€ would have been way too much. Just after I received my order I saw a blogpost by another blogger who showed where she buys her Sleek stuff on eBay with very small shipping costs. There was a specific seller, but I bookmarked the link but I don't have access to it at the moment.

    2. I mean I paid 7.50€ for shipping not 7€. 7€ for four products so it wasn't too bad.

    3. And I found the post with the eBay info. By Miss Dudette.


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