Monday, January 2, 2012

Tutorial - New Year's Eve look

I created a New Year's Eve look. I realize this might be too late for you, but it does not prevent you from doing this next time or for some other occasion! You could just think that I am an early bird for the next New Year's Eve. ;)

I stayed home for new years because Finland's U20 team was playing against Czech republic in the World Championships. We watched that and during the intermissions I was doing my makeup. At 11.30 at night. This is like what I would have done if I'd left the house.

I started with MAC's Painterly paint pot. Then I used a black soft eyeliner pencil and traced my crease and the outer part of the lid. I wanted to do a cut-crease and I used this technique that Youtube-guru xSparkage used in her New Year's Look that she did on her sister. The arrows show how I blended the liner up and out. I made sure I did not mess up the inside. It was black liner by Lumene. Seriously, it was black.

I applied GDE's Foil me on my lid and spread it out on the lid until the crease with the brush that came with UD's Naked-palette. Foil me works like other mixing mediums when you want to foil your shadows.

I used GDE's Gold Digger eyeshadow and applied that on the lid with Foil me with a shader brush. 

I used Grimas matte black eyeshadow and with a Sigma E35 I applied the shadow carefully above the line making sure the crease was still sharp. I applied Virgin from the Naked-palette with Sigma's E25 to the brow bone.

After that was done I took creep with the same E35 I used the Grimas matte black shadow with and applied that to blend out the black with Creep from the Naked-palette.

With Sigma's E45 and I used Gunmetal from the Naked-palette and blended out the matte black and Creep.

I used Sensai's black liquid eyeliner and the same soft eyeliner pencil to my lower waterline.

I was dissatisfied how the eyeliner turned out so I put more, and it is much better!

I can't line the lower lash line only, because it makes my eyes look very droopy. So I only line the waterline.

Added mascara, but skipped on the lashes this time. Feel free to add them if you like.

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I am affiliated with Sigma beauty and Glamour Doll Eyes. I buy all my products from them and opinions are my own. The links are affiliate links, except for the Youtube-link.

Thank you for reading! Hope you liked my New Year's Eve look. 



  1. Love the gold and the black together with that feline liner :) Happy New Year!


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