Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zoya - Tao

Today I present Zoya's nail polish Tao. I received this in a gift baggie at the bloggers' meetup in December.

I had never tried Zoya and I was interested to do that.
I applied this late at night. I didn't do anything tough with my nails that evening before going to bed. I took these pictures the next morning. The tips have worn out already.

While Tao is a nice gray polish, but I am not pleased with it. Overnight the polish was gone from the tips. Also I make a huge mess when applying this. This brush is difficult for me to use for one reason or another. I don't know why. The polish ends up all over my fingers.

I applied three layers. It did not peel off, or get any worse looking so I wore this for 5 days. The tips were like this from the start, but they did not get worse. 

I will keep using this until it's gone or dried out. Are all Zoya polishes like this?


On another note. I have 7 courses left in university. And a Master's thesis. These courses are all at the same time from January till the second week of March. I only have like 18 hours of lectures, but there is a lot of  work to do for the courses. I cannot promise any regular posts. I have a few drafts and I have already taken pictures for them but I still need a few. I will post those when I have the time, but I do not know when this will be.



  1. wow, zoya is a great company and i have never seen that happen before! that stinks that it didn't work out too great for you, but on the other hand, at least you have one less thing to obsess over :)

    1. Yeah, got fifth-day nails after a few hours. But they lasted for 5 days so that's positive I guess! I have another Zoya polish, but I haven't tried it.


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