Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UD Naked vs. Sleek Storm

EDIT January 7th, 2014: I just had a look on Sleek's website and this palette. The appearance of the palette is now different. The colors mostly look similar, but the woven look I have in mine is no longer present in the Sleek shadow palettes. If you now decide to order the Sleek palette Storm, I cannot comfortably say that these palettes are dupes for each other. I don't know whether they've reformulated the shadows and colors or just the woven look of the pot, OR changed the palette entirely.

I don't remember if someone has done this or not. They probably have... I mean these palettes have been around for ages and if someone has not done a comparison yet, and I'm the first one. I'd be speechless.

Urban Decay Naked-palette vs. Sleek Storm-palette

The top row is the Naked-palette, and the swatches are in the order the shadows are in the palette. I  swatched on the NYX white eyeshadow base.

I tried my best to match shadows from the Storm-palette, and put them under the shadow I thought they matched. I used one shadow twice, cause after I did the first swatch I noticed it matched another shade from the Naked-palette better. The Storm-palette has a matte black which the Naked-palette does not have.

Look this chart was made for
The second from the right in the top row I used twice. First I matched it to Toasted, but then noticed that Sin is a better match.

The Naked palette

I would say these are fairly comparable. The Sleek-palette has 2-3 shadows that do not match the any in the Naked-palette, but all in all these are good dupes for the most part. The Sleek palette is way cheaper than the UD one, and the the quality of the palettes are identical. Both are as good.

Do you have both? Which do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below, please.


EDIT May 30, 2012: UD Naked has 12 shadows, each 1.3 grams, and the Sleek Storm palette also has 12 shadows, and one is 1.1 grams. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review - Sigma E35 and E05

I think the E35 was in my first Sigma Beauty order with the E05 and F80.

Today I am reviewing (and comparing) the E35's and E05's I have. I have the normal-sized brushes and travel-sized brushes of those two. The travel size brushes came in the Cities Collection's Paris kit I ordered during the Black Friday sale.

First the E35's

+ Very soft
+ Handle length
+ Precise
+ Bristle length
+ Washes wonderfully

- Bristle color (I am scared to use this with really dark, very pigmented shadows cause I don't want to have a stained brush, but no stains so far!)
- Handle length

Travel-sized Tapered blending E35
+ Handle color! Love that red
+ Handle length
+ Washes wonderfully

- Coarse bristles
- Flared out bristles
- Handle length

Notice how I mentioned handle length as a plus and minus for both? That's because the normal-sized E35 handle is too long, but I do prefer it much more than the shorter travel-size E35. I wish the E35 would be something in between the two. 

The bristles in the normal-sized brush are very, very soft and lovely. The bristles are coarse and flared out in the travel-sized one. The travel-sized one is a little bit scratchy.

Then the E05's.

Full-sized eyeliner brush E05 (link)

+ Precise application for the most part
+ Handle length
+ Easy to wash

- The bristles are a little too stiff, at one point of my eyelid I need to be extra careful or this brush 'slips' and creates a line on my lid, where I don't want the eyeliner. I think it is because these bristles don't always give in enough when they follow the eyelid.

Travel-sized eyeliner brush E05

+ Precise application for the most part
+ Easy to wash

- Handle length. I just can't seem to get a good enough grip from the short handle.
- Again same with this one. At one point of my eyelid I need to very careful. Just like with the full-sized brush. 

Do you own these brushes? Let me know what you think in the comment section! 


Disclaimer: All links in this post are affiliate links. I have bought all the products myself. I only get commission from the affiliate links if you purchace something through my link.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Review - Manly goodies

These are products I have not tested myself, except for one a few times. Actually all of these products I received in the goodie bags from the blogger meet up. I gave these bottles to my man right away. These are his opinions. His opinions are not affected by the fact that these were given to me for free... ;)

Lumene for MEN Deodorant Stick 24h

His opinion: 
"It is pretty good actually. Smells nice, and it is not too strong. It's a very refreshing smell. Has not irritated skin. If you're very hairy the deodorant stick tends to stick to the hair, and can't get to the skin, but that might be the case with every deodorant in the stick form."

My thoughts: I like the scent too! Lovely citrus scent, refreshing, quite mild.

Lumene for MEN Energy Booster

His opinion:
"I would not use it normally."

My thoughts: He used it twice. Because I told him to.

Goldwell Unlimitor Spray Wax 

His opinion: 
"This is not wax. It is hair spray".

(After one, the only, use he got quite annoyed cause it was the consistency of a hair spray, but he expected it to be wax, and it "totally wasn't wax".)

My thoughts: If you have long hair, you could use this if you're trying to revive your curls. I curled my hair the other day, and after 8 hours of curling my hair I sprayed this, scrunched up my hair, and managed to get my hair more curly again. Beach curls/waves/that kind of thing. This is kind of like a hair spray though, made my hair very hard at some points.

KMS California Hair Play molding paste

His thoughts: 
"This is very good stuff! The scent took a while to get used to. Very coconutty, meaning  it is quite a strong coconut scent. Can tend to look a little dandruffy if used too much."

My thoughts: Coconuts. Cococococonuts. Coconuts. Coco-coconuts. COCONUTS

Do you have experience in these products? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review - Let me be your ... color shampoo and color conditioner

I got to try out some shampoo's by KC Professional These shampoos, hair conditioners and the spray leave-in conditioner cost about 12,60€ and I at least have seen these sold in Prisma. I am not talking about the leave-in conditioner in this blogpost, that's coming later.

I received these products at the bloggers meet up in the beginning of December. I have now used up the shampoo and hair conditioner.These products are for colored hair, which I do not have anymore. Last time I dyed my hair was in February of 2005. It is safe to say the colored parts are long gone.

The bottles contain 300 ml of product, and they lasted me basically from the beginning of December till the middle of February. The bottles are very simple, and I love it. They're very classy, but still not boring or anything. 

"Let me be your utterly unforgettable color shampoo -- 
I will add sparkle and shine to your colored hair"

"Color protecting gentle lather shampoo. Olive extract protects your hair color, ginger and ginseng refresh and add vitality to your hair. Contains color, heat and UV protection."

I just noticed these products have heat protection. I don't normally use heat on my hair, but when I do I use a heat protectant. And now I read that there was that in this shampoo, and hair conditioner. I didn't read the  back before I guess. :/ Or then I simply forgot!

 "Let me be your divine color conditioner -- 
I will highlight and preserve your favorite color"

"Color protecting and smoothing conditioner. Olive extract protects your hair color, avocado and grape extracts nourish your hair. Contains heat, color and UV protection."

These supposedly smell like peach, coconut and apricots. Hmph. I don't smell coconut or apricots. And I smell a hint of peach, but it is mixed with big amounts of banana. The leave-in conditioner which I'll talk about later in more detail does smell like peaches. I really do like the fact that the peach scent isn't so strong. I dislike peaches very much. I just don't like them, and I am happy peaches do not smell too much in these products.

I can't say anything about the color protecting qualities as I have not dyed my hair in ages like I mentioned earlier.

The shampoo lathered really well, and one shampoo-cycle is enough for me to get all the dirt, and possible hair products washed off. Normally I don't use any hair products. I sometimes use a little hair spray, and these products remove that very well. Once or twice I have had hair mousse, hair gel, a lot of  hair spray and a finishing spray in my hair and then I had to use a stronger shampoo, or shampoo my hair twice or three times with this shampoo.

I feel this is very gentle. My scalp has psoriasis patches and I have not noticed that this would irritate. The patches are worse in the winter in general, and then my scalp feels very itchy. With this shampoo, and my prescription medication liquid thingy I have gotten the itching under control, and it doesn't look like I have tons of dandruff like it used to look. :(

The products did not feel like they were making my hair dryer than before. My hair is dry during the winter to begin with, and it is more staticky as well. I can't say this helped or made that worse. I am not used to using leave-in conditioners and after this shampoo and conditioner I did not feel like I need any extra conditioning. That's definitely a plus. I guess an extra conditioner would help the statickyness, but I'm too lazy for that... :D

Other reviews of these products. Finnish only. Mustaa kajalia and Tyttö ilman helmikorvakorua

Let me be your utterly unforgettable color shampoo
INCI: Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Lauroyal Sarcosinate, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Glycol Distearate, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Extractm, Maltooligosyl Glucoside, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate, Citric Acid, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Laureth-4, Sodium Cocoyl Amino Acids, Potassium Dimethicone PEG-7 Panthenyl Phosphate, Disodium EDTA, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Coco Glucoside, Benzoic Acid, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract, Benzophenone-4, Cl 15985, Cl 47005, Parfum

Let me be your dashingly divine color conditioner
INCI: Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Polysilkicone-18 Cetyl Phospahte, Behentrimonium Chloride, Dipalmitoyethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate, Quaternium-91, Cetrimonium Methosulfate, Glycerin, Tribehenin, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Quaternium-87, Ceteareth-20, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Vitis Vinitera (Grape) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Extract, Citric Acid, Glycol Stearate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Sodium Cocoyal Amino Acids, Potassium Dimethicone PEG-7 Panthenyl Phosphate, Parfum, Cl 47005, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Extract, Cl 15987, Benzophenone-4.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review - Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

I bought these three in the summer, but only during the last months of last year I used Colossal. It was the last of the three. The brush is thinner compared to Falsies or One by One. It is also curved like Falsies, but not nearly as thick. The bristles go around the wand and they are all equal length, which isn't the case with Falsies.

This Colossal Cat Eyes has a different brush than the normal Colossal. The normal one is wider, and thicker, and it is not made of these short plastic bristles. The brush is also straight, whereas the Cat Eyes-brush bend. Here you can see the two different wands next to each other. I hope the blogger does not mind I link to her photo. I threw my Colossal Cat Eyes away already. 

Ewww I hate the color combination of One by One. I love the packaging in Falsies and Colossal.

I get very separated lashes, but they are not very voluminous. I feel I get more length than volume with this. That is why I use this with Estee Lauder's Zero Smudge Double Wear whateveritscalled-mascara. I use EL first, comb through my lashes and apply this. Then there's more volume.

In this picture I only have Colossal on my lashes, and I have not brushes through my lashes.

Here is just a picture of what my lashes look like without anything.

I don't know if I would buy this again. I wouldn't use it on it's own. I think this is the first Maybelline mascara that is underwhelming. Maybelline mascaras generally are my favorites.

This has 9,5 ml of product. I bought mine with a personnel discount. I paid 8ish euros. It was on sale for 10 € (from which I got the discount from), and normally it is something like 12-14 euros I am assuming.

Usually I hate a mascara during the first few days of using it. Doesn't really matter what brand mascara it is, the formula of the mascara is just too wet. I don't remember how long it took this mascara to become the right consistency.

Now after using this for 4 months about this has become too dry. I will try to squeeze out some product but I don't think I will do that for long as I have 4 opened mascaras without this one in use. And I have two unopened ones to test out. 

Do you prefer the original Colossal or the Colossal Cat Eyes? What do you think about Maybelline mascaras?



Friday, February 17, 2012

Looks - Friday's FoTD - Sleek Original - Look 1

My Friday FoTD. Still not showing you my whole face: ;)

I applied two Cliniques foundation to get my right shade. I used Maybelline's Eraser Eye concealer.

I did my eye makeup with Sleek's Original palette. So far I am not really too impressed with this palette. I use the Storm palette way more.

I used the bottom left yellow/gold shadow in the inner corner. Before that I applied the green on the bottom row, rightmost shadow on my whole lid. I blended with the golden color. I used the bronzey color from the bottom row, second from the right in my crease and outer corner.

I used IsaDora's eyebrow pencil in 22 light brown. For blush I used Sleek's Flamingo.

Here you can see the blush a little. It is a ridiculously pigmented blush. I easily put on too much, and I don't like that part. :D 

And here's a full list of all the products I use today.
  • Lumene Illuminating and Smoothing Primer
  • Lumene eyeshadow primer
  • A mixture of foundations: 2/3 of Clinique Even better foundation, 3 ivory, and  1/3 of Clinique Perfectly real makeup foundation, 01 (N) shade
  • Maybelline Eraser Eye, light
  • Sleek Flamingo-blush
  • IsaDora brow pencil, 22 light brown
  • Sleek Original palette
  • MAC Blacktrack fluidline applied with a flat angled liner brush
  • IsaDora Big Bold Mascara

How was your week? Mine had it's ups and downs. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy life to the fullest! 


My Blue Nail Polish Collection

Here all all my blue polishes. Blue seems to be my favorite color when it comes to nail polishes. It is my safety color. I wear it when I'm not in the mood for anything. It's simple, but not basic. 

Top row left to right:

China Glaze (CG) Towel Boy Toy, Sally Hansen Calypso Blue, Rimmel Pro Aqua Cool, Mavala Tropique, CG First Mate, Essie Aruba Blue*, Orly Cosmic FX-collection Lunar Eclipse

Bottom row left to right:
Kiss Nail Art polish, Models Own Prussian Blue, Models Own True Blue, Essie Mezmerised [sic], Wild and Crazy Super Dooper Blue, CG Blue Iguana, Wild and Crazy Ciudad Victoria

CG Towel Boy Toy and Models Own Prussian Blue dry matte, but I always apply a top coat so the matte-ness does not bother me.

* = given to me at the blogger's meet up in December by L'Oreal's PR consultant

Then the swatches. Also you can see my hand writing. Had to do that so I don't get confused. :D And I misspelled the newest acquisition, Essie's Mezmerised [sic].

My favorites are
- Orly Cosmic FX Lunar Eclipse
- China Glaze First Mate
- China Glaze Blue Iguana
- Models Own Prussian Blue
- Wild and Crazy Super Dooper Blue

What's your blues collection like? How do you feel about blue polish?


Thursday, February 16, 2012

A small haul - Sante and Essie

I did some shopping while I was walking across the town. 

I bought a hand cream by Sante. Bio-Goji and Olive. Smells really good! Feels very moisturizing.

Aaand now that they are available here in stores I bought two Essie polishes. Even though they cost a fortune! (15 € = 19,5 $)

l - r: 204A - School of hard rocks, and 93 - Mezmerised [sic]

School of hard rocks  (what a crazy, awesome name?!) is a strange greenish color. It's quite awesome actually. I just put on Mezmerised [sic], and when I was typing this I noticed it is spelled all wonky. :D Hence, the [sic]-mark. 

I have a blue nail polish collection post coming up. I've taken the pics already so all I need to do is edit them, and type up the blog! Blue polishes are my thing. I have more blue polishes than anything else. They are my safe polish colors! :D

Review - Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye

Today I am reviewing Maybelline's famous Instant Anti-Age Eraser.

I wanted to get this ever since I saw youtube videos on it. I saw it in a store, and decided to get it just then, because this one was the only one left! I did not look at the shade - which turned out to be Light - I just bought it.

(The pictures were taken a while ago in the very beginning of January. Since then I have used this more and the bottle isn't nearly as full as it is in the picture.)

The sponge application is interesting. Many have questioned if it is hygienic or not. It probably isn't as hygienic as it could be, but I still apply it directly under my eyes with the applicator.

I love the sponge! It feels so nice and it's easy to use.


The difference.

My right undereye (on the picture on the left) has this concealer on, and the other eye does not. As you can see, I don't have a lot of issues with undereye dark circles. 

I don't have a lot of darkness under my eyes. I can very easily get away with not using any dark circle concealer, and no one would notice a difference. I would, but no one else would. 

On me it does not set in the fine lines. I feel it covers well, but it does not cover too much, meaning it does not make the under eye area look oddly even colored. The color shade is good for me. I apply this under my foundation. It looks good on top of foundation as well. I apply this, and then apply my foundation as little dots on my face and blend them all together with the foundation brush. If I apply my foundation first, and blend it then I apply this with the applicator, and blend with my fingers or Sigma's P86.

I would say that if you have dark dark circles this might not be for you. I feel this is a light concealer. It still covers, but looks very natural. 

Have you tried this? Do you have differing opinions?


Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Review" - K pour Karité shampoo and hair conditioner

At the blogger's meetup in December we were given samples of the K pour Karité shampoo and hair conditioner. These are small samples  - 12 grams of product each. With that said I cannot do a full review as I can only get a few uses out of the products. That's why this is a "review". I will write my thoughts about the products after I use them each time as long as there is product left.

Sorry about the quality. Mobile phone camera, zoom, yeah. Just took the pic before publishing and once you read to the end you know what I think and why I don't care for the quality of the picture.

Feelings after first use

I had a lot of hair products in my hair. I had at least two different hair sprays, leave-in conditioner and some spray wax. (I have hair up to my lowest ribs so normally I don't think I could do anything with wax, but I just wanted to try it out just before washing my hair.)

The shampoo smelled nice. It lathered up really well. After rinsing my hair felt really coarse, and really clean at the same time. I stripped off all the products and then some. I could only imagine that if I did not use any hair conditioner after this and just let my hair dry it would be so incredibly tangled and coarse. 

I applied the hair conditioner to the pony tail-part of my hair. I never put hair conditioner close to my roots. I left it there for a few minutes and rinsed it off. It did not do anything. My hair was still as coarse as it was after the shampoo... I couldn't leave my hair feeling like this so I used Aussies 3 Minute Miracle on all of my hair, even the roots. I just put it all over, and left it there for 5 minutes and rinsed it off. My hair was now super soft.

This shampoo is for normal to very dry hair. I'm sorry, but that can't be true! I have fine hair which is borderline dry. This shampoo strips my hair, and the conditioner does not condition enough. If the conditioner was a super-conditioning conditioner, these products I could very well use.

Feelings after second use

I washed my hair on Thursday morning last time, and now it is Saturday morning. Okay okay, I lied. It is Satuday afternoon as I only woke up at noon. I had not used any hair products after Thursday morning's shower. My hair was just disgustingly dirty. Friday morning I put my hair in a ponytail for school, but it still felt disgusting. Generally after 12 hours my hair feels oily, and gross.

I have about one use left for the shampoo now, but the conditioner is finished after the second use.

This time the shampoo did not make my hair feel as coarse as after the first use. It did not lather as much as the first time either. I can't say for sure that I got the shampoo all over my hair. The conditioner was as horrible as last time. It did nothing for my hair. Like after the first use, today I also applied Aussie's 3 minute miracle to prevent my hair from looking, and feeling horrible.

I think I can still get one use from the shampoo, but why bother. It isn't my favorite shampoo and I certainly don't like the conditioner.

Maybe this will work for someone who does not have dry hair???

On the package it says "Shea Butter - Ginger. The ideal partner for dry, fragile hair lacking tone. Alone or enriched with a few drops of nectar in case of very dry hair. When treating with K pour Karité, use the nectar as a lotion before shampo oing [sic]." 

Aqua (Eau/Water), Pseudotsuga menziesii (Eau de Douglas/Douglas syr*) water, Sodium lauryl sulphate, Sodium cocoamphoacetate, Decyl glucoside, Inulin, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Benzyl alcohol, Sodium PCA, Glycerin, Dicaprylyl ether, Lauryl alcohol, Butyrospermum parkii butter (Beurre de Karité/Shea butter), Citrus aurantium dulcis (Huile essentielle d'Orange douce/Orange) oil*, Rosmarinus officinalis (Huile essentielle de Rosmarin/Rosemary) oil*, Citrus medica limonum (Huile essentiale de Citron/Lemon) oil*,  Zingiber officinale (Gingembre/Ginger) extract*, Citral**, Limonene (Dipentene)**, Linalool**, Géraniol**

* Ingrédients issus de l'agriculture Biologique
** Constituant naturel des huiles essentielles

Hair conditioner
"Its Shea Butter-Ginger formula enriched with essential oils means that dry and fragile hair is rehydrated and repaired. Hair regains its tone and vitality throughout use. On very dry hair: enriched conditioner with few drops of nectar."

Aqua (Eau/Water), Pseudotsuga menziesii (Eau de Douglas/Douglas syr*) water, Glyceryl stearate, Butyrospermum parkii butter (Beurre de Karité/Shea butter), Heliantus annuus (Huile végétale de Tournesol/Sunflower) seed oil*, Dicaprylyl ether, Lauryl alcohol, Sodium stearoy [sic] glutamate, Aigin coco-glucoside, Glyceryl oleate, Citrus aurantium dulcis (Huile essentielle d'Orange douce/Orange) oil*, Rosmarinus officinalis (Huile essentielle de Rosmarin/Rosemary) oil*, Citrus medica limonum (Huile essentiale de Citron/Lemon) oil*, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Benzyl alcohol, Citric acid, Zingiber officinale (Gingembre/Ginger) extract*, Limonene (Dipentene)**, Citral**, Linalool**, Géraniol**

* Ingrédients issus de l'agriculture Biologique
** Constituant naturel des huiles essentielles

Monday, February 6, 2012

Review - Sigma Brushes - face brushes + synthetic kabukis

Oh wow. Where to start?!

I found out about Sigma Beauty through Youtube. It took me a long while to order anything, and now I have made three orders. I have paid for all of these brushes myself, and I am an affiliate so I will use affiliate links to link to their web page. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation of any kind for doing a review.

I'll start with the synthetic kabukis and face brushes in this part one. I will continue with the Precision kit, and then about individual brushes that I have not mentioned in this blogpost. I have probably done a first impressions blog post and/or review before, but I'm doing them again. 

I will add the price of the brush when it is sold individually. Every brush is cheaper when it is in a set of some kind. I have paid full price on F80 only, but all the other brushes I have gotten in sets, so I have not paid full price for them!

F80 Flat top synthetic kabuki, $16
This was my first face brush from Sigma.

The brush is very soft, and very very dense. Like all the other synthetic brushes that I'll write after this one, this takes way more time to deep clean than any other brush that I own. The brush is so dense I soap it 4-5 times (soap-rinse-soap-rinse-etc) before it is fully clean.

I do not like to apply powder products with this. I tried blush and powder foundation and the application is very patchy. The first place on your face where you land the brush on gets the most powder foundation, and then it wont spread from that place. Same with blush. 

This is excellent with liquid foundation. Applies very evenly and buffs the foundation into the skin. However, I can't get this brush to work well with Clinique's Even better foundation. The foundation turns out way too thick on my skin when applied with this brush. I apply dots of foundation on my face and spread them with a brush generally. I feel this is better with a thin foundation or a tinted moisturizer. 

F82 Round top synthetic kabuki, $16
Bought in a set with F84, set $24, $12/brush

Sorry this brush was dirty when I took the pictures...

This brush is as dense as the F80. Takes 4-5 soap-rinse cycles to get it clean. 

I love to apply my face primer with this brush. I like to use this with powder foundation. Unlike the F80 this does not make the powder foundation patchy. This has shorter bristles than a traditional kabuki brush, and this is more dense.

F84 Angled top synthetic kabuki, $16 (currently not available on site individually. Still available as a set with the F82, link above)

My favorite brush to use with Clinique's foundations. I love this. The angle is perfect! Fantastic, even application. Wonderful at the chin to blend in the foundation line at the jaw line. Great for the neck area. Wonderful wonderful!

Requires the same amount of cleaning as the F80 and F82. 

Bristles are so incredibly soft in all three. I have not experienced shedding with any of the three.

From the Paris-kit

I use this for blush. Particularly in use with very pigmented blushes. It applies blush evenly and softly. I use a fairly light hand with this brush even though it does apply blush lightly. I really want to avoid excess blush as I blush very easily to begin with. I'd rather be with too little blush than with too much.

Easy to wash, and this brush has not shed bristles.

F05 Small contour, $14
From the Paris-kit which was $59 for seven brushes so $8.42 / brush.

I rarely contour as I don't have a good contour shade that is not orange. I have a bronzer, but that is too orange so if I do contour with that, I use an extremely light hand, and this brush, and blend the the bronzer with a bigger powder brush. 

I could not use this right away after the first wash before using. This bled out the black color of the bristles quite a while. I think I had to wash this 2 times before I did not get any black-colored water out. I consider one wash time including 2-3 soap-rinse cycles. So for example to get all the black dye out I did 6 soap-rinse cycles, but I let the brush dry in the middle.

The bristles are soft. There are a few that are of uneven length as they show up longer. Some of the outmost bristles have flared out, but I assume I can combat that by using a brush guard of some sort right after washing them. I could probably wrap this in tissue paper and let it dry in there. 

I think the length of the handles of the face brushes in the Paris-kit is ideal. Not too long or short. Just perfect in my hand. I can get a good grip, but still hold on far enough to get a thin application. 

From the Paris-kit

(No good photos of this one, sorry)

This is my least used brush. I hardly ever use powder. As I was writing this I thought I could in fact use this brush with blush. I have a similar type blush brush and I guess this could also be used for that.

The bristles could be much softer. But they are not very coarse either. Same goes for F15 too; the bristles could be softer, but they are fairly soft now.

I feel this applies translucent powder (the only powder I have tried with this) very thinly, which is what I prefer. I hate layers and layers of powder.

My biggest annoyance with this brush was that when I washed it it bled the black dye out. I washed this 4-5 times with 2-3 soap-rinse cycles in each wash and it bled out color until the last washes. I felt I don't really want to use this brush at all. Now I have used it anyway, and washed it a few times and there is no color coming off of it anymore. I have not experienced any bristle fallout. This brush needs a brush guard or a tissue paper wrapped around it after washing it. The outermost bristles have flared out, and now when I am not using this brush it has the brush guard that came with it on it.

PS. When I say soap, I talk about either baby shampoo or a mild soap which is very very gentle.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby poop polish - Genius or plain disgusting?

I received this polish at the blogger meetup in December. I didn't know whether I should be disgusted or laugh. The color is so weird. It is one of those colors that you either absolutely love or hate. I have not decided how I feel about it yet. 

OPI's Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window

I applied two coats on top of a base coat and one top coat layer. The polish looks different than in the bottle. The bottle color does not appeal to me, but the color on my nails is somehow pretty. 

This polish in the bottle reminds me of baby poop, even though baby poop isn't as green. My boyfriend said the same thing. I didn't tell him what I thought, so he didn't get any ideas from me.

If you can see from the picture below there are some visible black lines. They do not disappear no matter how much you shake the polish. They simply do not disappear. 

Two coats of this turns out darker than what the polish looks like in the bottle.

The name does not make the images any better!

So. Genius or disgusting?!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finished products of January 2012

I like seeing how fast and what products beauty people go through. I don't go through that many products that I'd get 100 products every month, but I do get a few and I want to show them and then tally them up in the end of the year, like so many have before me. I'll probably combine months to get more products in one in the future but I'll start this with one month - January 2012. I don't feel like typing a blog post about one and only product I finished that month... you know. I wont write comments about all products if there are many. I'll feature a few and then just list the rest in the end.

- Palmolive Naturals, nutra-fruit. Moisturising shower crème with Pomegranate extract.  

I bought this in May 2011 because I was biking 8 km to work and another 8 km back home. I left this to work and used it in the shower there, duh. A few weeks later we moved and the biking trip to work would have been way too much to do daily, so my showers at work ended. I did not bring this home with me until I finished in August though. At home I only used this when I was shaving my legs. The product looked funny, it was like it had two phases, white and red. They only mixed on skin.

- The Body Shop Candied Ginger Hand Wash
Loved the scent! It smelled like coca cola!

- Eucerin Gentle Cleansing Milk

They have discontinued this. They have a similar one with the name Mild Cleansing Milk. I don't know how well it matches this one.

- Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover - sample size. 
 I bought a set in October, I think and it came with it. It was ok. Nothing special. It did not remove my mascara, but no eye makeup remover does that so it is nothing new. I do not use waterproof mascaras.

- L'Oreal Triple Active Day Protecting Moisturising Cream with Vitamin E, Ceramide and UV-filter, Dry and Sensitive Skin, 50 ml
I really liked to use this at night. My skin looked so good in the mornings! My skin looked even and there was some kind of a glow. The package is so heavy even when it is empty. I'll write a more detailed review about this. There was no pump, I had to stick my fingers in the package. It wasn't a bottle, it was a round thing with a screw top. Ugh. What is it called?!