Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby poop polish - Genius or plain disgusting?

I received this polish at the blogger meetup in December. I didn't know whether I should be disgusted or laugh. The color is so weird. It is one of those colors that you either absolutely love or hate. I have not decided how I feel about it yet. 

OPI's Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window

I applied two coats on top of a base coat and one top coat layer. The polish looks different than in the bottle. The bottle color does not appeal to me, but the color on my nails is somehow pretty. 

This polish in the bottle reminds me of baby poop, even though baby poop isn't as green. My boyfriend said the same thing. I didn't tell him what I thought, so he didn't get any ideas from me.

If you can see from the picture below there are some visible black lines. They do not disappear no matter how much you shake the polish. They simply do not disappear. 

Two coats of this turns out darker than what the polish looks like in the bottle.

The name does not make the images any better!

So. Genius or disgusting?!



  1. I have mixed feeling about this color too, it's beautiful yet disgusting at the same time :p

    1. Haha good that I'm not the only one. :D

  2. I think I would wear it and tell myself it's army green, not baby poop green!


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