Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finished products of January 2012

I like seeing how fast and what products beauty people go through. I don't go through that many products that I'd get 100 products every month, but I do get a few and I want to show them and then tally them up in the end of the year, like so many have before me. I'll probably combine months to get more products in one in the future but I'll start this with one month - January 2012. I don't feel like typing a blog post about one and only product I finished that month... you know. I wont write comments about all products if there are many. I'll feature a few and then just list the rest in the end.

- Palmolive Naturals, nutra-fruit. Moisturising shower crème with Pomegranate extract.  

I bought this in May 2011 because I was biking 8 km to work and another 8 km back home. I left this to work and used it in the shower there, duh. A few weeks later we moved and the biking trip to work would have been way too much to do daily, so my showers at work ended. I did not bring this home with me until I finished in August though. At home I only used this when I was shaving my legs. The product looked funny, it was like it had two phases, white and red. They only mixed on skin.

- The Body Shop Candied Ginger Hand Wash
Loved the scent! It smelled like coca cola!

- Eucerin Gentle Cleansing Milk

They have discontinued this. They have a similar one with the name Mild Cleansing Milk. I don't know how well it matches this one.

- Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover - sample size. 
 I bought a set in October, I think and it came with it. It was ok. Nothing special. It did not remove my mascara, but no eye makeup remover does that so it is nothing new. I do not use waterproof mascaras.

- L'Oreal Triple Active Day Protecting Moisturising Cream with Vitamin E, Ceramide and UV-filter, Dry and Sensitive Skin, 50 ml
I really liked to use this at night. My skin looked so good in the mornings! My skin looked even and there was some kind of a glow. The package is so heavy even when it is empty. I'll write a more detailed review about this. There was no pump, I had to stick my fingers in the package. It wasn't a bottle, it was a round thing with a screw top. Ugh. What is it called?!

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