Friday, February 24, 2012

Review - Manly goodies

These are products I have not tested myself, except for one a few times. Actually all of these products I received in the goodie bags from the blogger meet up. I gave these bottles to my man right away. These are his opinions. His opinions are not affected by the fact that these were given to me for free... ;)

Lumene for MEN Deodorant Stick 24h

His opinion: 
"It is pretty good actually. Smells nice, and it is not too strong. It's a very refreshing smell. Has not irritated skin. If you're very hairy the deodorant stick tends to stick to the hair, and can't get to the skin, but that might be the case with every deodorant in the stick form."

My thoughts: I like the scent too! Lovely citrus scent, refreshing, quite mild.

Lumene for MEN Energy Booster

His opinion:
"I would not use it normally."

My thoughts: He used it twice. Because I told him to.

Goldwell Unlimitor Spray Wax 

His opinion: 
"This is not wax. It is hair spray".

(After one, the only, use he got quite annoyed cause it was the consistency of a hair spray, but he expected it to be wax, and it "totally wasn't wax".)

My thoughts: If you have long hair, you could use this if you're trying to revive your curls. I curled my hair the other day, and after 8 hours of curling my hair I sprayed this, scrunched up my hair, and managed to get my hair more curly again. Beach curls/waves/that kind of thing. This is kind of like a hair spray though, made my hair very hard at some points.

KMS California Hair Play molding paste

His thoughts: 
"This is very good stuff! The scent took a while to get used to. Very coconutty, meaning  it is quite a strong coconut scent. Can tend to look a little dandruffy if used too much."

My thoughts: Coconuts. Cococococonuts. Coconuts. Coco-coconuts. COCONUTS

Do you have experience in these products? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 


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