Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review - Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

I bought these three in the summer, but only during the last months of last year I used Colossal. It was the last of the three. The brush is thinner compared to Falsies or One by One. It is also curved like Falsies, but not nearly as thick. The bristles go around the wand and they are all equal length, which isn't the case with Falsies.

This Colossal Cat Eyes has a different brush than the normal Colossal. The normal one is wider, and thicker, and it is not made of these short plastic bristles. The brush is also straight, whereas the Cat Eyes-brush bend. Here you can see the two different wands next to each other. I hope the blogger does not mind I link to her photo. I threw my Colossal Cat Eyes away already. 

Ewww I hate the color combination of One by One. I love the packaging in Falsies and Colossal.

I get very separated lashes, but they are not very voluminous. I feel I get more length than volume with this. That is why I use this with Estee Lauder's Zero Smudge Double Wear whateveritscalled-mascara. I use EL first, comb through my lashes and apply this. Then there's more volume.

In this picture I only have Colossal on my lashes, and I have not brushes through my lashes.

Here is just a picture of what my lashes look like without anything.

I don't know if I would buy this again. I wouldn't use it on it's own. I think this is the first Maybelline mascara that is underwhelming. Maybelline mascaras generally are my favorites.

This has 9,5 ml of product. I bought mine with a personnel discount. I paid 8ish euros. It was on sale for 10 € (from which I got the discount from), and normally it is something like 12-14 euros I am assuming.

Usually I hate a mascara during the first few days of using it. Doesn't really matter what brand mascara it is, the formula of the mascara is just too wet. I don't remember how long it took this mascara to become the right consistency.

Now after using this for 4 months about this has become too dry. I will try to squeeze out some product but I don't think I will do that for long as I have 4 opened mascaras without this one in use. And I have two unopened ones to test out. 

Do you prefer the original Colossal or the Colossal Cat Eyes? What do you think about Maybelline mascaras?




  1. ooo, I would love to try the cat eyes mascara :D

    1. Glad if my review was helpful! I don't know whether this was a limited edition product, but we at least have these in stores still. :)

  2. The stupid mascara irritated my eyes never again will I buy it!

    1. Oh I am sorry! Do you know if it is some ingredient that caused the irritation? If so, you know to avoid it in the future.

      Sometimes products just don't agree with us, no matter how much we want them to be awesome.

      I can't use Max Factor's False Lash Effects, they are the ones that irritate me. So we all have something that works for tons of others, and not for us.


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