Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review - Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye

Today I am reviewing Maybelline's famous Instant Anti-Age Eraser.

I wanted to get this ever since I saw youtube videos on it. I saw it in a store, and decided to get it just then, because this one was the only one left! I did not look at the shade - which turned out to be Light - I just bought it.

(The pictures were taken a while ago in the very beginning of January. Since then I have used this more and the bottle isn't nearly as full as it is in the picture.)

The sponge application is interesting. Many have questioned if it is hygienic or not. It probably isn't as hygienic as it could be, but I still apply it directly under my eyes with the applicator.

I love the sponge! It feels so nice and it's easy to use.


The difference.

My right undereye (on the picture on the left) has this concealer on, and the other eye does not. As you can see, I don't have a lot of issues with undereye dark circles. 

I don't have a lot of darkness under my eyes. I can very easily get away with not using any dark circle concealer, and no one would notice a difference. I would, but no one else would. 

On me it does not set in the fine lines. I feel it covers well, but it does not cover too much, meaning it does not make the under eye area look oddly even colored. The color shade is good for me. I apply this under my foundation. It looks good on top of foundation as well. I apply this, and then apply my foundation as little dots on my face and blend them all together with the foundation brush. If I apply my foundation first, and blend it then I apply this with the applicator, and blend with my fingers or Sigma's P86.

I would say that if you have dark dark circles this might not be for you. I feel this is a light concealer. It still covers, but looks very natural. 

Have you tried this? Do you have differing opinions?



  1. hmm, something that I wouldn't dream to try because of my heavy dark circles, hee. nice review!

  2. Good to know! I never used concealer but since i wear glasses i see i should start using some and the creamy one from Yves Rocher dries a bit my skin - this could be a good option since i don't need to cover dark circles - Thank u!

    1. This wasn't drying on my skin, and with glasses I did not get any more transferring. Foundation always transfers a little with the glasses' nose part, and I did not think this made that any worse at least. I don't bring this stuff as up high in the inner corner and nose, but when I blend it does rise up there a little.

      You're welcome! Hope this suits you. :)


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