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Review - Sigma Brushes - face brushes + synthetic kabukis

Oh wow. Where to start?!

I found out about Sigma Beauty through Youtube. It took me a long while to order anything, and now I have made three orders. I have paid for all of these brushes myself, and I am an affiliate so I will use affiliate links to link to their web page. All opinions are my own, and I have not received compensation of any kind for doing a review.

I'll start with the synthetic kabukis and face brushes in this part one. I will continue with the Precision kit, and then about individual brushes that I have not mentioned in this blogpost. I have probably done a first impressions blog post and/or review before, but I'm doing them again. 

I will add the price of the brush when it is sold individually. Every brush is cheaper when it is in a set of some kind. I have paid full price on F80 only, but all the other brushes I have gotten in sets, so I have not paid full price for them!

F80 Flat top synthetic kabuki, $16
This was my first face brush from Sigma.

The brush is very soft, and very very dense. Like all the other synthetic brushes that I'll write after this one, this takes way more time to deep clean than any other brush that I own. The brush is so dense I soap it 4-5 times (soap-rinse-soap-rinse-etc) before it is fully clean.

I do not like to apply powder products with this. I tried blush and powder foundation and the application is very patchy. The first place on your face where you land the brush on gets the most powder foundation, and then it wont spread from that place. Same with blush. 

This is excellent with liquid foundation. Applies very evenly and buffs the foundation into the skin. However, I can't get this brush to work well with Clinique's Even better foundation. The foundation turns out way too thick on my skin when applied with this brush. I apply dots of foundation on my face and spread them with a brush generally. I feel this is better with a thin foundation or a tinted moisturizer. 

F82 Round top synthetic kabuki, $16
Bought in a set with F84, set $24, $12/brush

Sorry this brush was dirty when I took the pictures...

This brush is as dense as the F80. Takes 4-5 soap-rinse cycles to get it clean. 

I love to apply my face primer with this brush. I like to use this with powder foundation. Unlike the F80 this does not make the powder foundation patchy. This has shorter bristles than a traditional kabuki brush, and this is more dense.

F84 Angled top synthetic kabuki, $16 (currently not available on site individually. Still available as a set with the F82, link above)

My favorite brush to use with Clinique's foundations. I love this. The angle is perfect! Fantastic, even application. Wonderful at the chin to blend in the foundation line at the jaw line. Great for the neck area. Wonderful wonderful!

Requires the same amount of cleaning as the F80 and F82. 

Bristles are so incredibly soft in all three. I have not experienced shedding with any of the three.

From the Paris-kit

I use this for blush. Particularly in use with very pigmented blushes. It applies blush evenly and softly. I use a fairly light hand with this brush even though it does apply blush lightly. I really want to avoid excess blush as I blush very easily to begin with. I'd rather be with too little blush than with too much.

Easy to wash, and this brush has not shed bristles.

F05 Small contour, $14
From the Paris-kit which was $59 for seven brushes so $8.42 / brush.

I rarely contour as I don't have a good contour shade that is not orange. I have a bronzer, but that is too orange so if I do contour with that, I use an extremely light hand, and this brush, and blend the the bronzer with a bigger powder brush. 

I could not use this right away after the first wash before using. This bled out the black color of the bristles quite a while. I think I had to wash this 2 times before I did not get any black-colored water out. I consider one wash time including 2-3 soap-rinse cycles. So for example to get all the black dye out I did 6 soap-rinse cycles, but I let the brush dry in the middle.

The bristles are soft. There are a few that are of uneven length as they show up longer. Some of the outmost bristles have flared out, but I assume I can combat that by using a brush guard of some sort right after washing them. I could probably wrap this in tissue paper and let it dry in there. 

I think the length of the handles of the face brushes in the Paris-kit is ideal. Not too long or short. Just perfect in my hand. I can get a good grip, but still hold on far enough to get a thin application. 

From the Paris-kit

(No good photos of this one, sorry)

This is my least used brush. I hardly ever use powder. As I was writing this I thought I could in fact use this brush with blush. I have a similar type blush brush and I guess this could also be used for that.

The bristles could be much softer. But they are not very coarse either. Same goes for F15 too; the bristles could be softer, but they are fairly soft now.

I feel this applies translucent powder (the only powder I have tried with this) very thinly, which is what I prefer. I hate layers and layers of powder.

My biggest annoyance with this brush was that when I washed it it bled the black dye out. I washed this 4-5 times with 2-3 soap-rinse cycles in each wash and it bled out color until the last washes. I felt I don't really want to use this brush at all. Now I have used it anyway, and washed it a few times and there is no color coming off of it anymore. I have not experienced any bristle fallout. This brush needs a brush guard or a tissue paper wrapped around it after washing it. The outermost bristles have flared out, and now when I am not using this brush it has the brush guard that came with it on it.

PS. When I say soap, I talk about either baby shampoo or a mild soap which is very very gentle.


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