Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review - Sigma E35 and E05

I think the E35 was in my first Sigma Beauty order with the E05 and F80.

Today I am reviewing (and comparing) the E35's and E05's I have. I have the normal-sized brushes and travel-sized brushes of those two. The travel size brushes came in the Cities Collection's Paris kit I ordered during the Black Friday sale.

First the E35's

+ Very soft
+ Handle length
+ Precise
+ Bristle length
+ Washes wonderfully

- Bristle color (I am scared to use this with really dark, very pigmented shadows cause I don't want to have a stained brush, but no stains so far!)
- Handle length

Travel-sized Tapered blending E35
+ Handle color! Love that red
+ Handle length
+ Washes wonderfully

- Coarse bristles
- Flared out bristles
- Handle length

Notice how I mentioned handle length as a plus and minus for both? That's because the normal-sized E35 handle is too long, but I do prefer it much more than the shorter travel-size E35. I wish the E35 would be something in between the two. 

The bristles in the normal-sized brush are very, very soft and lovely. The bristles are coarse and flared out in the travel-sized one. The travel-sized one is a little bit scratchy.

Then the E05's.

Full-sized eyeliner brush E05 (link)

+ Precise application for the most part
+ Handle length
+ Easy to wash

- The bristles are a little too stiff, at one point of my eyelid I need to be extra careful or this brush 'slips' and creates a line on my lid, where I don't want the eyeliner. I think it is because these bristles don't always give in enough when they follow the eyelid.

Travel-sized eyeliner brush E05

+ Precise application for the most part
+ Easy to wash

- Handle length. I just can't seem to get a good enough grip from the short handle.
- Again same with this one. At one point of my eyelid I need to very careful. Just like with the full-sized brush. 

Do you own these brushes? Let me know what you think in the comment section! 


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