Thursday, February 16, 2012

A small haul - Sante and Essie

I did some shopping while I was walking across the town. 

I bought a hand cream by Sante. Bio-Goji and Olive. Smells really good! Feels very moisturizing.

Aaand now that they are available here in stores I bought two Essie polishes. Even though they cost a fortune! (15 € = 19,5 $)

l - r: 204A - School of hard rocks, and 93 - Mezmerised [sic]

School of hard rocks  (what a crazy, awesome name?!) is a strange greenish color. It's quite awesome actually. I just put on Mezmerised [sic], and when I was typing this I noticed it is spelled all wonky. :D Hence, the [sic]-mark. 

I have a blue nail polish collection post coming up. I've taken the pics already so all I need to do is edit them, and type up the blog! Blue polishes are my thing. I have more blue polishes than anything else. They are my safe polish colors! :D

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