Thursday, March 22, 2012

Haul - Maybelline Fit me

Like many other beauty bloggers, I was invited by L'Oreal's PR person to an event a while back. Unfortunately I could not attend, because it was on a weekday and in a different city. The bloggers got  matched for Maybelline's new Fit me makeup line. I wanted the stuff as well so I went to the stores yesterday and bought some stuff.

I bought the foundation, blush and concealer. I left the powder to the store, because I hardly ever use powder, and when I do I use translucent powder which I already own. 

Based on the other bloggers' shades and comments I decided to get the foundation in 115. 110 is the lightest shade and it looked very light. 120 looked lighter than 115, but it was too yellow for me.

I decided I was definitely going to get the foundation, and possibly the concealer, and I ended up getting it and the blush as well. My concealer is in the shade 15, which I believe is for those who wear the foundation shades 1xx. The foundations are 1xx, 2xx and 3xx, and I believe the ones that end in a 5 are pink-based, and the ones ending in 0 are yellow-based. Don't quote me though! 3xx are the darkest shades, and 2xx somewhere in between 1xx and 3xx naturally.

The whole idea of this range is that once you have figured out your foundation shade, all you need to do is look at a chart and get the corresponding concealers, blushes and powders. I don't remember what the blush was that was for my foundation shade. I did a little quiz on Maybelline's site and got all the info about the shades. I highly doubt I got the blush for my foundation shade. I bought deep rose, which was near the 3xx foundations, and nowhere near the 1xx's. 

I tested the blushes in the store, and I hardly got any product on my finger, and the little product I did get did not transfer on my arm when I swatched them. The only one that did swatch well was deep rose. Once I saw that the lighter blushes did not interest me because I did not get much product on my finger from the testers I stopped trying and just got the one I liked and that swatched well. With that said, I have no idea if the lighter blushes are pigmented or not. I honestly did not test them much.

One reason why I wasn't interested in this line earlier was that I saw these products in the store and they looked so freaken cheap that I didn't think they could be any good. Now that I saw pictures by other bloggers I decided it was just the powder compact that I saw first that looked cheap. And the blush.

The foundation package is very luxurious on second thought. It has a pump, and when I read Makeupalley reviews there were some who were complaining the foundation did not have a pump. The reviews were written in March 2012, so who knows. Maybe there are pumpless foundations in North America?? Also I just read that this has oxidized on some people so we'll see how this wears out.

The concealer doesn't look cheap. It doesn't look luxurious either though. It is like a lipgloss tube with a similar applicator. I've never had a concealer with a more liquid formula so it will be interesting so see how that will work out.

The blush... oh dear. So cheap. It comes with a brush which I am not even going to give a chance to. I wasn't going to in the first place, but then I accidentally threw it around when I opened the package so I had a look. I touched the bristles quickly and it shed. And the bristles feel very coarse, and the shape of the brush is just odd for a blush. The package is made of plastic. (Foundation bottle is glass, concealer is plastic.) This packaging looks even cheaper than the powder package I feel.

How do you feel about Fit me?


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