Saturday, March 10, 2012

MUS #366 vs. MAC brush cleanser

I have had this brush for over two years. I have washed it so so many times. Never had a problem with it until now. I just used MAC's brush cleanser on it, and this is what I got. Good bye brush. You served me, and my blushes well.

This brush is #366 by Make Up Store. I have used baby shampoo, Marseille-soap and Kicks' own brush cleanser and nothing has happened to this brush. Now I used MAC's brush cleanser and this happened. After two years of washes it gave out color! 

I can't recommend this brush. 

I hated it with liquid foundation. It was too flimsy, but with pigmented blushes this was wonderful! And now it is in the trash. 


PS. I got the influenza virus few weeks ago. Horrible fever, 39,4 Celsius was the highest. The last one or two posts of mine were scheduled the week before I got sick. So when I was sick I couldn't come up with posts. I'm now finally a 100%, cough and a runny nose did not leave me until now. And I believe I am now capable of resuming my post schedule. 


  1. That happened to me with Gosh's stipling brush. I'm glad I never bought that one because I always use's MAC's brush cleanser ;)

    1. I want to get one of the MAC stippling brushes. Probably the smaller one. I just have no idea when I'm going to either city that sells MAC. Ordering MAC here wasn't very efficient last time so I don't want to do that. :/


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