Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review - Artdeco Biotin Nail Cream

I bought this Artdeco biotin nail cream in August 2010 at the Frankfurt-Hahn airport just before I was about to fly home from my three week interrail with my friend.

I knew Artdeco had makeup products in their selection, but I guess I didn't really realize they had skin care products as well. I knew they had polishes, but somehow I was surprised they had nail treatments and stuff like that. Hand creams etc. My friend's hands were dry so she tried their hand cream at the airport. I guess she liked it, did you? Do you remember what you thought about it? You know who you are. :D I can't remember what hand cream it was though... :/

Aaanyways. I bought the nail cream. I am horrible with using nail or cuticle creams. I just can't get into the habit of applying cuticle cream every night before bed, or even like once a week. I never remember. That's why it took me this long to finish this 17 ml nail cream. ;)

I threw away the box ages ago. Probably right after I came home from the airport. I have no idea of the ingredients. The product can't be found on Artdeco's website anymore, so it probably is discontinued. If you can find this I'd say it's worth a shot. It did not cost too much. Like 10-15 € I think.

When I did remember to use this rather regularly, I noticed my nails were not as brittle as they were before. I feel I managed to grow my nails longer than ever before. I have used this once/twice a month maybe, and I have managed to keep my nails strong and longer.

The cream smells like fruit candy, and it's a lovely pink color. ;) A little goes a long way. I used to dip each finger in to the package, and get some product on the tips of my nails, and then I worked that in my cuticles and nails. Usually I moisturized my fingers as well. And then rubbed the rest off of the back of my fingers in my pj's. ;)

I did like the appearance of the product, I liked it's scent, and what it did for me.

Too bad if it is discontinued. 

Have you tried Artdeco products, makeup or skin care?



  1. Öhm, yeah I don't remember which hand cream it was. I think it was good though? At least I didn't dislike it, that's all I can say. Hardly a review, I know, sorry! :D

  2. Replies
    1. I bought this at Frankfurt-Hahn airport. I only saw Artdeco sold in Prague, Czech republic, I have not seen it anywhere else. In Germany it is definitely sold at, but I do not know where. Sorry.


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