Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review - BeSave! Hand Cream

Today I am reviewing BeSave!'s hand cream. I briefly mentioned this product in my Surprises and let-downs of 2011.

I have never been one to use hand creams. I never had issues with my hands until I started the lab works in school, and was washing my hands constantly after handling the chemicals. That really dried the back of my hands. I just used basic lotions and they were fine. 

This winter though I did not have any lab works, but my hands were dry, and I still wasn't using any specific hand creams, just body lotions and stuff. The reason why I hate hand creams is that after applying them I need to wash my hands, which kind of defeats the purpose of using a hand cream cause it gets washed right off. The palm of my hands have never been dry, only the back of my hands. Then I figured I could apply cream only on the back of my hands and rub them together and not get any cream on my palms which would make me wash my hands again.

At the bloggers' meetup in December I got this hand cream in a goodie bag. I didn't think much of it then. Then when my hands became dry I tried it. I smelled it before applying it, and was happy it didn't smell like anything. Haha was I mistaken or what. It smells nice, a bit apple-y, citrus-y. Actually it smells a lot like apples. 
I like this product because when I apply it to the back of my hands it does not leave a greasy feel. I don't feel the need to wash my hands before I go and touch something. I actually like the scent a lot. I don't think the scent stays on my hands for very long which is always a good thing. Also after applying this once, a few hours later my hands don't feel like they need more hand cream. I have a review coming of another hand cream which makes my hands feel even more dry soon after applying it. This doesn't do that. I apply this once, and my hands are moisturised, and my hands are fine for several days.


PS. I forgot to mention this hand cream has Ecocert-certification.

Aqua (Water), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Water**, Glycerin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed oil**, Cetearyl alcohol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea butter)**, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cetearyl Glucoside, Benzyl Alcohol, Cera Alba (Beezwax), Glyceryl Stearate, Hydrogenated Caprylyl Olive Esters, Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea-Buckthorn) Extract**, Tocopherol, Dehyhdroacetic Acid, Sclerotium Gum, Parfum (Fragrance)

** Ingredients from organic farming

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Essie spring collection picks + nail care items

I bought two polishes from Essies spring collection - Navigate her and Tart deco.

Tart deco and Navigate her
I put two coats of Lumene's base coat that I also bought recently, and then two coats of Navigate her. Honestly, one coat would be enough! No streaks, very opaque. 

I did these nails on Thursday, and took the pictures on Saturday.

It's pretty!

I have started to use Depend's myrraolja cuticle oil. Smells delicious, very lemony, but as a cuticle oil it is average. 

I used Tart deco last week, and it too is gorgeous! On me it looks quite dark whereas on others it looks like a rather light coral polish.

What are your favorite picks from Essie?


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Review - Lumene Vitamin C+ Dry Skin Comfort Radiance Cocktail With Arctic Cloudberry

In the end of March I showed you this product in a haul. It is the Lumene Vitamin C+ Dry Skin Comfort Radiance Cocktail. 

"Arctic Cloudberry - Cloudberry is a rare berry which grows in the arctic bogs. Due to a very short period of growth in the Arctic, the wild plants become more powerful than plants that are cultivated or grown in other areas of the world. Contains over 90% natural ingredients."

"Normal/dry skin. Arctic cloudberry for radiant skin. 
  • Active ingredients from cloudberry brighten the skin, improve moisture balance, and protect against the harmful effects of the environment.
  • Hightly conditioning cranberry seed oil combines with cloudberry to help nourish and vitalise even the driest skin. 
Result: Velvety soft skin!" (from the package)


I have dry combination skin. Recently I have had some dry psoriasis spots on my forehead, and this fixed them! I did not have to use prescribed medication liquids to get rid of the spots. Awesome!!! :D

I have some visible pores on the tip of my nose, and around my nose. They are small, I only notice them, but I did see that they got smaller. I doubt this would decrease the bigger pores some people have. Also I have no idea how this works on other skin types, but this is directed towards people with normal or dry skin.

I have used this daily since I bought it. I did not change any other skin care products, I only added this into the mix. Generally I applied this once a day at night. Sometimes I applied it in the morning too. I do apply a moisturizer after applying this. When I applied this at night, the next morning my face was glowing, it had a very even tone to it. After applying this at night, the next morning I washed my face in the shower with water only like I always do, moisturized, and applied my MSCHIC powder foundation and it looked perfect! Not dry or powdery at all!

The only downside I find is the packaging. Or more like the functionality of the bottle. I like the bottle. It is glass so it is a little heavy and I would not travel with this. The pump is easy to use, and if I were to travel with this I'm sure the pump would give out all the product if it is in contact with something. But I don't consider this to be a problem cause I don't travel with glass products on a general basis, and when I do travel I pack light so I would skip the serum then too.

Anyway. The problem I have is with the pump mechanism. The product is in two phases, and before getting the product out the bottle needs to be shaken so the product becomes all orange. Okay fine. Then I press them pump, and I get a yellow liquid on my hand with small red spots in it. The product isn't mixed when it gets on my hand! You can see it from the picture, it's in two phases in the little tube that brings up the product. Also the yellow and red aren't as clear as they are in the picture in the beginning of this blogpost, but that is partially due to the fact that I did use this a few hours prior to taking the picture so it hasn't settled yet. However it does not become nearly as clear as it was in the beginning.

It takes a while for the two phases to separate again, and in the beginning the interphase was thin and clear. Once I had used half of the product the interphase was not thin or clear. It was a little foamy. Also the yellow product got used up faster than the red.


Aqua (Water), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric triglyceride, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Squalene, Glycerin, Tocopheryl acetate, Phenoxyethanol, Panthenol, Butylene Glycol, Rubus chamaemorus seed oil, Oxycoccus palustris seed oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, PEG-8, Hippophae rhamnoides oil, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopherol, Sodium Lactate, Lactic Acid, Serine, Sorbitol, Tea-lactate, Urea, Ascorbyl palmitate, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium chloride, Rubus chamaemorus seed extract, Ascorbic acid, Citric acid, Allantoin, Cl 17200 (Red33), Cl 19140 (Yellow 5), Citral, Geraniol, Hexyl cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Butylphenyl methylpropional, Parfum (Fragrance)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ever since this happened...

... I haven't been able to use all my blushes the way I have wanted to. 

My question to you is - which brand has the best duo-fibre brush similar to this MUS-one? Also it should be compatible with MAC brush cleanser so I can avoid throwing away another brush.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finished products - February - March/April 2012

Here's a post of finished products since February. I thought I had a lot of products already so I decided to publish this now, instead of waiting to the end of the month. I have written about some products, and they have links to the blogposts. 

Body and hair products:
  • Sephora body wash in blackberry red currant. 
  • Sephora body scrub in raspberry strawberry.
    • I did enjoy all of the Sephora body products. I feel the body wash did not lather as well as I thought it would. The body scrub had a really strong scent, and a lot of exfoliating granules. The body lotion was of a very thin consistensy it sometimes slipped through my fingers when I applied it.
  • K pour Karité sample size shampoo and hair conditioner 
  • Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, 250 ml
  • Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash Refill in hydrating cucumber splash, 250 ml
  • Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash Refill in refreshing grapefruit essence, 250 ml
    • Loved the scent!
  • Palmolive Naturals Milk and Honey hand wash, 300 ml
    • Best by Palmolive. Also the Milk and Honey body wash is delicious! 
  • Garnier Fructis Double Care Leave-in Spray Nutri-Repair, 150 ml  
  • Apobase Oily Creme, 200 ml
  • The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub, 200 ml
    • Okay... Smelled very strong. Very strong raspberry essence.  
Makeup and Skin care
  • Lumene Natural code Eye makeup remover (old packaging) 
  • Labello Classic Care lip balm
  • Lumene Sensitive Touch Cleansing Emulsion
  • The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter 
    • Loved it for the most part! 
Artdeco biotin nail cream


PS: Some items were provided by PR. Some I have bought myself.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looks - L'Oreal Color Infaillible

A while back I bought these two shadows by L'Oreal, but I didn't write about them in my blog for some reason. I haven't used them many times now, I tend to grab my palettes, and these are single shadows so I kinda forgot about them. 

I got Endless Chocolat and Hourglass Beige.

I used MAC's Bare Study paint pot cause I want to use it up very soon, cause then I can Back-to- Mac my MAC products. That reminds me, do MAC counters accept depotted shadows (no metal pan)? I know in the States some do, some don't, and stores interpret the Back-to-Mac instructions in their own way. As far as I know they should accept them, but I'm not sure if they actually do.

I had trouble with Hourglass Beige, and my brushes. No synthetic or natural bristle brush picked up the shadow. I considered using my fingers, but then I remembered I had an applicator brush. This isn't the traditional foam applicator brush, it has the foam, but on the foam it has "fur". I have no idea what that stuff is actually, but I call it "fur". The brush in the middle. For the Endless Chocolat I used the eyeshadow brush by Mariela Sarkima and Cailap*, for blending I used Sigma's E35. (affiliate link) I didn't use a shadow to blend, I simply used a clean brush.

The "fur" applicator picked up the color of Hourglass Beige and applied generously all over the lid. Hehe yea I just said the applicator did it, and not me. ;)

I used the eyeshadow brush to apply the Endless Chocolat, cause that shadow could be picked up by a bristle brush. I first applied it along my lash line, and took the remaining shadow up to the crease. I decided I needed more brown in the crease so I took some more shadow and added it there. I blended with a clean E35. I also took the brown along my lower lash line. 

I used a black eyeliner to line my eye very thinly. I also used the liner on my waterline. I applied IsaDora's Big Bold mascara. I used IsaDora's eyebrow pencil in light brown. I am growing out my eyebrows at the moment! I went a little crazy with the tweezers as you can see. :/

Hope you liked it! 


(* = brush was given to me by Mariela Sarkima at the blogger's meetup)

Monday, April 9, 2012

NoTD - Lumene Spring Collection

I bought these two of the four colors available. I didn't really like the other two colors, I don't think they would suit me very much. 

I wanted to use both at once so I put 37 Hazy Beach /Usvaranta on my left hand, and 38 First Spring /Ensi kevät on my right hand.

I have Rimmel's base coat, three coats of each color, and Rimmel's top coat on.

Here's a bonus picture. I compared Essie's Lilacism* and First Spring and they're similar, but different.

Lilacism is cooler than First Spring.

Did you get anything from the new Lumene collection?


(* = Lilacism I was given at the blogger's meet up)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Review - The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter

The Body Shop's Mango Lip Butter was my second flavor of lip butters. I had bought Pink Grapefruit twice before and I liked it very much. I'm still using the second one, as at one point I got sick of the smell. I had a Sweet Lemon lip butter, but I can't remember where I have placed it. I honestly think it got lost when we moved last year.

This lip butter comes in a very cute package, and there is 10 ml (0.29 fl oz) of product. I found this took a long time to get used up. I did not use it regularly, because I don't regularly use lip balms. I don't have a constant need for them.

This product gives a lovely sheen on my lips. I am not a big fan of super shiny lips, and this doesn't give super shiny lips. I used to like the super shiny look some lip glosses give, but not anymore. The more matte the better, a little shine is fine. My lips are quite dark on their own, so often times I didn't even use a lipstick, I only applied this, and got a nice sheen on my lips, and it looked like I had lipstick on.

I would not suggest this for you if you have extremely dry lips. I felt I had to apply this once every 10 minutes because if I didn't, my lips would be drier than before applying this for the first time. Normally my lips are not very dry, and then this lip butter was good. Just when I had chapped lips, very dry lips this wasn't enough, and even seemed to make my lips worse. :/

What is your favorite lip butter? 


PS. I added some of my favorite blogposts to the sidebar on the left. And before I did that I switched my template. I'm still not used to seeing my blog layout like this, I was so used to the sidebar being on the right. Let me know what you think, was it better on the right or is it better now?

INCI: Butyrospermum parkii, Ricinus communis, Brassica Campestris/Aleurites Fordi Oil Copolymer, Cera Alba, Lanolin, Mangifera indica, PEG-8 Beeswax, Aroma, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Silica, Limonene, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ammonium Glycynthizate, Tocopherol, Geraniol, Linalool, Citral, Cl 77891, Cl 19140, Cl 15850

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Nail Polishes

A while back I was tagged by Meikkistudio to show you my top 10 nail polishes. Click here to see her top 10 polishes.  

These 10 are in random order, and the ones marked with an asterix* were given to me by L'Oreal's PR at the December blogger's meetup.

  • Essie Big Spender* (blogpost here)
    • Gorgeous fuchsia. Creme polish that isn't streaky, and two coats is enough. Mine is the drugstore formula, which is sold in Europe. It has 13,5 ml and a wider brush than in the salon formula which is the American formula, 15 ml with a thin brush.

  •  China Glaze First Mate (blogpost here)
    • My favorite blue polish! Creme formula, lovely to apply. Opaque with two coats. Sometimes even one coat is enough.

  • Orly Space Cadet
    • Crazy polish! Needs 3 coats at least. Dries slowly, but definitely worth it. Gorgeous duochrome. Impossible to photograph well, that is why there is no blogpost about this polish!

  • China Glaze Ruby Pumps (blogpost here)
    • The classic glittery red. Pain to remove, but worth it. It is so pretty! 

  • Wild Shine Sunny Side Up (blogpost here)
    • Creme formula, opaque with two coats. Perfect orange for the spring and summer.

  • OPI Save Me (blogpost here)
    • Insanely fabulous glitter polish! This is horrible to remove, but seriously worth it! So, so, so gorgeous! 

  • Essie Lilacism* (blogpost here)
    • My favorite purple! Creme, drugstore formula with a wider brush. Good with two coats. 

  • Sally Hansen Platinum Black
    • I don't like black black polish, so if I want something dark I go with this. 

  • Wild and Crazy Super Dooper Blue (blogpost here)
    • Electric blue! Lovely shimmery polish, not creme, but not glitter.  

  • Rimmel I love lasting finish fruities Cranberry Zest (blogpost here)
    • I don't care for the scented polishes, but the color is absolutely fabulous!  

I am not tagging anyone. I have seen this tag go around a lot, so those who I'd tag have most likely done this.  

Do you share any favorites with me? 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Makeup rut + Naked palette look + Orly polish

I have suffered from a makeup rut lately. For example few weekends ago I did my makeup, washed it off, redid it, washed it off again, and did my makeup for the third time, and washed that off too. I still feel like I wear too much makeup. But if I don't have anything on I don't like the way I look. I feel I need makeup.

I tried liquid foundation, mineral powder foundation, and no foundation. I used bold colored shadows, I used neutrals, I only used eyeliner. Nothing looked right. I hated the way I looked with makeup on. I can't say I love the way I look without makeup more, though. I don't know what is wrong with me! Help me! How do you get over this? 


Because so many of you voted in the poll that you want more looks, here's one. 

I still have a makeup rut going on, and bright colors just don't work at all. Sometimes neutrals look awful, but lately they work better. I'm still not satisfied with my looks. 

I wanted to do something for you and this blog, so I used the Naked palette which seems to work. 

I used MAC's Painterly paint pot first. Then I applied Virgin from the palette on my brow bone and inner corner. Then I applied Sin to the inner half of the lid, and Smog to the outer half of the lid.

I applied Creep to the lash lin about half way the lid from the outer corner. Then whatever was left on my brush I took up to the crease, and blended upwards to the brow bone. 

I used MAC's Blacktrack fluidline and IsaDora's Big Bold mascara. I used IsaDora's brow pencil light brown for my brows.

Hope you like it!



I won a Twitter giveaway organized by Orly well over a year ago. I won the entire Cosmic FX collection, but I got two of the same nail polish, and not the reddish polish that was in the collection. Unfortunately the nail polish I got two of is the one I hate. I hate the color, but strangely this polish is the one I get the most compliments on. Weird, cause I think this polish color is disgusting. I've worn it, I've tried to like it, but I just don't. 

That is why I want to give this to one of you who would like it. As I said I got two of them, and the one I'd be giving away is the unopened one. 

The shade is It's not Rocket Science

It applies sheer so you need at least three coats before it looks like how it is in the bottle. It dries slowly as well. 

This is basically first come, first serve. If you want this, comment on this blog post. I will not send this abroad, so Finnish addresses only. I apologize from my international readers.