Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ever since this happened...

... I haven't been able to use all my blushes the way I have wanted to. 

My question to you is - which brand has the best duo-fibre brush similar to this MUS-one? Also it should be compatible with MAC brush cleanser so I can avoid throwing away another brush.



  1. Ever since I lost 5 of my brushes (2 got stolen with my purse, 1 eaten by my dog, 2 Sigma ones broke), I decided not to invest in expensive brushes. So I like H&M brushes. Don't know if they have a duo fibre one though. I saw one in Sephora the other day, and as far as I know, their brushes are really good. Sooo, check them out maybe? (Don't know about the compatibility thing, I use baby shampoo on mine).

    1. Hey Ria, thanks for your imput. Unfortunately we don't have Sephora in this country, so I can't check out their brushes until I travel somewhere, and I don't know when that'll be. I'll check out H&M. I just really liked this brush for blush. I deep clean once a week/two weeks with baby shampoo, but during the week I use MAC's brush cleaner once or twice, depending on what I use and now horribly dirty the brush looks like. :D

      I also considered going back and buying the MUS brush again, and switching back to the old brush cleanser by Kicks I used, but I noticed that brush cleanser started to take a toll on my brushes, eye brushes especially, and MAC hasn't done that.


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