Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looks - L'Oreal Color Infaillible

A while back I bought these two shadows by L'Oreal, but I didn't write about them in my blog for some reason. I haven't used them many times now, I tend to grab my palettes, and these are single shadows so I kinda forgot about them. 

I got Endless Chocolat and Hourglass Beige.

I used MAC's Bare Study paint pot cause I want to use it up very soon, cause then I can Back-to- Mac my MAC products. That reminds me, do MAC counters accept depotted shadows (no metal pan)? I know in the States some do, some don't, and stores interpret the Back-to-Mac instructions in their own way. As far as I know they should accept them, but I'm not sure if they actually do.

I had trouble with Hourglass Beige, and my brushes. No synthetic or natural bristle brush picked up the shadow. I considered using my fingers, but then I remembered I had an applicator brush. This isn't the traditional foam applicator brush, it has the foam, but on the foam it has "fur". I have no idea what that stuff is actually, but I call it "fur". The brush in the middle. For the Endless Chocolat I used the eyeshadow brush by Mariela Sarkima and Cailap*, for blending I used Sigma's E35. (affiliate link) I didn't use a shadow to blend, I simply used a clean brush.

The "fur" applicator picked up the color of Hourglass Beige and applied generously all over the lid. Hehe yea I just said the applicator did it, and not me. ;)

I used the eyeshadow brush to apply the Endless Chocolat, cause that shadow could be picked up by a bristle brush. I first applied it along my lash line, and took the remaining shadow up to the crease. I decided I needed more brown in the crease so I took some more shadow and added it there. I blended with a clean E35. I also took the brown along my lower lash line. 

I used a black eyeliner to line my eye very thinly. I also used the liner on my waterline. I applied IsaDora's Big Bold mascara. I used IsaDora's eyebrow pencil in light brown. I am growing out my eyebrows at the moment! I went a little crazy with the tweezers as you can see. :/

Hope you liked it! 


(* = brush was given to me by Mariela Sarkima at the blogger's meetup)

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