Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Makeup rut + Naked palette look + Orly polish

I have suffered from a makeup rut lately. For example few weekends ago I did my makeup, washed it off, redid it, washed it off again, and did my makeup for the third time, and washed that off too. I still feel like I wear too much makeup. But if I don't have anything on I don't like the way I look. I feel I need makeup.

I tried liquid foundation, mineral powder foundation, and no foundation. I used bold colored shadows, I used neutrals, I only used eyeliner. Nothing looked right. I hated the way I looked with makeup on. I can't say I love the way I look without makeup more, though. I don't know what is wrong with me! Help me! How do you get over this? 


Because so many of you voted in the poll that you want more looks, here's one. 

I still have a makeup rut going on, and bright colors just don't work at all. Sometimes neutrals look awful, but lately they work better. I'm still not satisfied with my looks. 

I wanted to do something for you and this blog, so I used the Naked palette which seems to work. 

I used MAC's Painterly paint pot first. Then I applied Virgin from the palette on my brow bone and inner corner. Then I applied Sin to the inner half of the lid, and Smog to the outer half of the lid.

I applied Creep to the lash lin about half way the lid from the outer corner. Then whatever was left on my brush I took up to the crease, and blended upwards to the brow bone. 

I used MAC's Blacktrack fluidline and IsaDora's Big Bold mascara. I used IsaDora's brow pencil light brown for my brows.

Hope you like it!



I won a Twitter giveaway organized by Orly well over a year ago. I won the entire Cosmic FX collection, but I got two of the same nail polish, and not the reddish polish that was in the collection. Unfortunately the nail polish I got two of is the one I hate. I hate the color, but strangely this polish is the one I get the most compliments on. Weird, cause I think this polish color is disgusting. I've worn it, I've tried to like it, but I just don't. 

That is why I want to give this to one of you who would like it. As I said I got two of them, and the one I'd be giving away is the unopened one. 

The shade is It's not Rocket Science

It applies sheer so you need at least three coats before it looks like how it is in the bottle. It dries slowly as well. 

This is basically first come, first serve. If you want this, comment on this blog post. I will not send this abroad, so Finnish addresses only. I apologize from my international readers. 


  1. Moi,

    Oon himoinnu tota It's not Rocket Science - lakkaa jo kauemmin ja ihanalta se pullossakin näyttää. Ottaisin mielelläni vastaan sen ja voin pienen korvauksen ja postikulut toki maksaa, jos todella haluat siitä luopua. :D
    Laita s-postia, niin annan yhteystiedot, jos tuon himolakan satun saamaan.



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