Thursday, April 5, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Nail Polishes

A while back I was tagged by Meikkistudio to show you my top 10 nail polishes. Click here to see her top 10 polishes.  

These 10 are in random order, and the ones marked with an asterix* were given to me by L'Oreal's PR at the December blogger's meetup.

  • Essie Big Spender* (blogpost here)
    • Gorgeous fuchsia. Creme polish that isn't streaky, and two coats is enough. Mine is the drugstore formula, which is sold in Europe. It has 13,5 ml and a wider brush than in the salon formula which is the American formula, 15 ml with a thin brush.

  •  China Glaze First Mate (blogpost here)
    • My favorite blue polish! Creme formula, lovely to apply. Opaque with two coats. Sometimes even one coat is enough.

  • Orly Space Cadet
    • Crazy polish! Needs 3 coats at least. Dries slowly, but definitely worth it. Gorgeous duochrome. Impossible to photograph well, that is why there is no blogpost about this polish!

  • China Glaze Ruby Pumps (blogpost here)
    • The classic glittery red. Pain to remove, but worth it. It is so pretty! 

  • Wild Shine Sunny Side Up (blogpost here)
    • Creme formula, opaque with two coats. Perfect orange for the spring and summer.

  • OPI Save Me (blogpost here)
    • Insanely fabulous glitter polish! This is horrible to remove, but seriously worth it! So, so, so gorgeous! 

  • Essie Lilacism* (blogpost here)
    • My favorite purple! Creme, drugstore formula with a wider brush. Good with two coats. 

  • Sally Hansen Platinum Black
    • I don't like black black polish, so if I want something dark I go with this. 

  • Wild and Crazy Super Dooper Blue (blogpost here)
    • Electric blue! Lovely shimmery polish, not creme, but not glitter.  

  • Rimmel I love lasting finish fruities Cranberry Zest (blogpost here)
    • I don't care for the scented polishes, but the color is absolutely fabulous!  

I am not tagging anyone. I have seen this tag go around a lot, so those who I'd tag have most likely done this.  

Do you share any favorites with me? 


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