Thursday, May 31, 2012

Butter London - Primrose Hill Picnic

I wanted to put this polish on my nails as soon as possible. I had it on for a week, but I did remove it in the middle and applied it again.

I do have a few complaints though. I used Rimmel's base coat, two coats of this, and Mavala's Mavadry top coat. This was opaque with two coats. I painted my nails at night, but the next morning the tips had worn out just like that. I had to add another coat in the morning. I was a little annoyed. Also in the morning I noticed there were air bubbles. 

So far I am not too impressed with Butter London. It was like Zoya polishes. I wasn't too happy with them either cause they wore out so fast. 

Another polish I have been struggling with is Essie's Tart deco. I get tons of air bubbles, and the color doesn't suit me all that well. Also it applies very streaky. 

I feel I don't have any good polishes at the moment. Or polish cclors that I would want to use. How annoying! :D


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stockholm Haul - MAC, Sensai, Butter London, DKNY

I went to Stockholm, Sweden, for a little trip this week.

I went to a few department stores where they had MAC counters, and I was surprised to see they had the Hey Sailor! collection already. I thought it was supposed to be released on May 24, and it was there before. Now I know that was only the US release date, but still I would have assumed that the collections come out in USA and Canada way before Europe. The Helsinki MAC counter had that collection since the beginning of May. And because I assumed the collection was just released in Sweden cause they still had everything they'd have it in Helsinki then too, so I didn't get the stuff from Sweden cause that would have meant more carrying, and I doubt the products would have been any cheaper there. Well, Helsinki was sold out of the products I wanted to get when I got there on May 24th, cause they had gotten the collection in the beginning of May. I was annoyed. I should've bought them from Sweden.

Anyway, what I got from Helsinki's MAC counter then. 

I had run out of MAC's brush cleaner so I got a new one of that. I use powder foundations in the summer if I use any, and I wanted to get Fix+ to see if that would do something for me, make me less powdery looking if I decide to wear foundation. I think a water + toner combo would do the same thing, and it will be cheaper than using Fix+ for the same purpose. But I'll try this first, and then try water + toner.

Brush cleanser, 12 € / 235 ml; Fix+, 20 € / 100 ml
Then I got the matte Omega eyeshadow for my brows.

Eyeshadow 17 €
In Finland VAT is 23%, and in Sweden it was 25%. What is it in your country? What do MAC products cost where you live? 

I have been growing out my brows for the past month or so, and I can do a tutorial with this and my pencils. Let me know if you'd like that. 

I have been using Sensai's liquid liner since the fall, and soon I will run out of the product. I bought the refill from Sweden, and I now regret that cause it would have been cheaper in Finland. I can't find the receipt for this. It was like 180 Swedish kronor or so 20 euros, and I've seen this being sold for 16-17 euros in Finland.

I didn't take it out from the box, cause it is wrapped in plastic. I am only opening it when I am due to change the thing in the eyeliner pen. If you'd like I can do a liquid eyeliner tutorial. It seems I do liquid eyeliner differently than other people.

I smelled this perfume and it was great! DKNY's Sweet Delicious Limited Edition Creamy Meringue EdP, 50 ml. It was 345 Swedish kronor so about 38 euros.

Then I bought one nail polish. Butter London's polish in Primrose Hill Picnic. This cost 128 Swedish kronor so 14.2 euros. But that was by Google calculator. I saw the euro amount and the kronor amount cause I bought this from the ship we were on when going to Sweden, and this was 11.90 euros.

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Have a nice weekend!


Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara

I tend to hate mascaras during the first week of use, and this was no different.

During the second week, my expectations were not matched - this mascara is not good for my lashes. 

First week, this did not volumize my lashes at all, it was more of a lengthening effect. Second week, though, all I got was clumpy lashes. Plus my eyes began to water. 

I love the color of the packaging though.

Maybe this would work with different kind of lashes.

This cost about 10 euros, maybe?

Have you tried this? 


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cotton candy - candy fingers

Essie's Splash of Grenadine is a lovely, lovely pink with a purple tone, with hues of magenta. I first saw this polish on Martina/Wind It Up.

Most true to color
 On Monday night I applied Rimmel's double duty base coat, and two coats of essie's Splash of Grenadine. Tuesday morning I applied another coat of Splash of Grenadine, and then Depend's top coat.

It was a gloomy day, not true to color. Too purple.
Not true to color. Too purple. I just wanted to show you how it applied.
I noticed I did not leave enough dry time in between coats of polish with some other polishes I was using few weeks back cause I ended up with air bubbles. Now I wanted to make sure each layer dried fully before adding on a new layer. It took a few hours cause I deliberately took so long.

More true to color. Needs to be more pink.

Since this polish is delicious, I decided I wanted to wear this more, so I removed the old and applied new coats.

Most true to color I could get.

Isn't it delicious! It is like cotton candy! Or the color I think of when someone says cotton candy! 


Friday, May 11, 2012

Randomness of the Day - No need for botox

Doorbell rings.

I go answer the door, but before that I take off my turbie twist that I had wrapped around my hair after taking a shower, but my hair is still messy and wet. I am wearing a plain t-shirt, my makeup is done, and I am wearing pj-pants with little hearts on them. 

Man at the door: Hello, is the "man or lady of the house" at home? 
Serafia: how old does he think I am?! -I think.  I am, I say.
Man: My name is John Doe. I represent the company XYZ, and we are doing air quality controls in this building. We sell Q-brand vacuum cleaners. This is my security/identity card. May I come in?
Serafia: I am sorry, what are you doing?
Man: We're selling Q-brand vacuum cleaners, may I come in?
Serafia: Err... Where is your folder? Why do you not have a vacuum cleaner with you? -I think
Man: What kind of a vacuum cleaner do you have? What is the brand? Is it in a difficult place, could I have a look?
Serafia: Now is really not a good time. 
Man: Really? Are you sure?
Serafia: ... Yes ...
Man: Okay, thank you for your time.

I close the door, and listen to him ring our neighbors doorbell, go through the same conversation with them, and then proceeds to the next neighbor.


Especially since he had no papers with him, he had no vacuum cleaner with him. It was just him, asking to come in to see my vacuum cleaner. He said he was selling a Q-brand vacuum cleaner, but how may I ask. He did not have any brochures with him to show me this new vacuum cleaner or anything.

The other day I was going somewhere with my boyfriend, and we were in the elevator, and I just looked at my forehead and the top of the bridge of my nose and said "I need botox". He laughed. I'm not seriously considering it, I think it is poison, but I have these two annoying wrinkles between my eyebrows, and I don't like them one bit.

But maybe I don't need botox after all as I LOOK LIKE I LIVE WITH MY PARENTS!!!

PS. Company's name, man's name, and the brand of vacuum cleaners were all changed.

Anything weird happen to you today? I know I haven't been posting in a while, but I've been busy with school again. I'll try to start posting regularly soon again.