Thursday, May 31, 2012

Butter London - Primrose Hill Picnic

I wanted to put this polish on my nails as soon as possible. I had it on for a week, but I did remove it in the middle and applied it again.

I do have a few complaints though. I used Rimmel's base coat, two coats of this, and Mavala's Mavadry top coat. This was opaque with two coats. I painted my nails at night, but the next morning the tips had worn out just like that. I had to add another coat in the morning. I was a little annoyed. Also in the morning I noticed there were air bubbles. 

So far I am not too impressed with Butter London. It was like Zoya polishes. I wasn't too happy with them either cause they wore out so fast. 

Another polish I have been struggling with is Essie's Tart deco. I get tons of air bubbles, and the color doesn't suit me all that well. Also it applies very streaky. 

I feel I don't have any good polishes at the moment. Or polish cclors that I would want to use. How annoying! :D



  1. I used to get air bubbles in my polishes, but after I stopped shaking the bottles and started rolling them to mix them up, the bubbles don't appear anymore. When I was little, my mother said to never shake the bottles unless they are glitter/shimmer, and stubborn me waited 20 years to listen to that tip.

    1. I don't shake polish, I too roll them. And then I wait a while too, like 15 minutes before applying it.


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