Friday, May 11, 2012

Randomness of the Day - No need for botox

Doorbell rings.

I go answer the door, but before that I take off my turbie twist that I had wrapped around my hair after taking a shower, but my hair is still messy and wet. I am wearing a plain t-shirt, my makeup is done, and I am wearing pj-pants with little hearts on them. 

Man at the door: Hello, is the "man or lady of the house" at home? 
Serafia: how old does he think I am?! -I think.  I am, I say.
Man: My name is John Doe. I represent the company XYZ, and we are doing air quality controls in this building. We sell Q-brand vacuum cleaners. This is my security/identity card. May I come in?
Serafia: I am sorry, what are you doing?
Man: We're selling Q-brand vacuum cleaners, may I come in?
Serafia: Err... Where is your folder? Why do you not have a vacuum cleaner with you? -I think
Man: What kind of a vacuum cleaner do you have? What is the brand? Is it in a difficult place, could I have a look?
Serafia: Now is really not a good time. 
Man: Really? Are you sure?
Serafia: ... Yes ...
Man: Okay, thank you for your time.

I close the door, and listen to him ring our neighbors doorbell, go through the same conversation with them, and then proceeds to the next neighbor.


Especially since he had no papers with him, he had no vacuum cleaner with him. It was just him, asking to come in to see my vacuum cleaner. He said he was selling a Q-brand vacuum cleaner, but how may I ask. He did not have any brochures with him to show me this new vacuum cleaner or anything.

The other day I was going somewhere with my boyfriend, and we were in the elevator, and I just looked at my forehead and the top of the bridge of my nose and said "I need botox". He laughed. I'm not seriously considering it, I think it is poison, but I have these two annoying wrinkles between my eyebrows, and I don't like them one bit.

But maybe I don't need botox after all as I LOOK LIKE I LIVE WITH MY PARENTS!!!

PS. Company's name, man's name, and the brand of vacuum cleaners were all changed.

Anything weird happen to you today? I know I haven't been posting in a while, but I've been busy with school again. I'll try to start posting regularly soon again.



  1. Mulle kävi ihan samoin! Joku tyyppi halus myydä jotain ja kysy, onko vanhemmat kotona!! :) - Ööh, joo.. mä oon vanhempi :)

    1. On jotenkin todella hölmö tunne, kun en ole vanhempieni nurkissa asunut yli kuuteen(?) vuoteen.

  2. So bizarre. If you're friends with your neighbors you should ask if anyone let him in and what happened.

    Somehow this reminded me of something that happened to me a few years back. I lived in student housing with two flatmates. The air wents of the building were being checked. One lovely morning around 8 am I woke up to some noise. Turns out it was a guy checking the went in my room. While I and my boyfriend were sleeping. Good thing I don't sleep naked because that would've made it awkward...

    1. It really was. I don't know my neighbors that well because I never see them! Our paths just don't cross. Maybe we just go out and come home at weird times cause I hardly ever see my neighbors.

      Oh no that must have been an awkward moment for sure. Where I lived before they did those things too. Once I had just finished my shower and I wasn't in the bathroom anymore but I didn't have any clothes on yet and the doorbell rang. I managed to pick some clothes from my closet and I quickly went to the bathroom to put them on. In the meantime the men had come in with their keys cause I didn't answer the doorbell. They were a little surprised when I came out from the bathroom.


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