Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara

I tend to hate mascaras during the first week of use, and this was no different.

During the second week, my expectations were not matched - this mascara is not good for my lashes. 

First week, this did not volumize my lashes at all, it was more of a lengthening effect. Second week, though, all I got was clumpy lashes. Plus my eyes began to water. 

I love the color of the packaging though.

Maybe this would work with different kind of lashes.

This cost about 10 euros, maybe?

Have you tried this? 



  1. I did not like it at all if I'm honest. The brush is just too big so I always make a mess and it just doesn't do much of anything to my lashes. Big fat fail in my book :( I got sucked in by the packaging x

    1. I didn't mind the size of the brush. The packaging got me too. :)

  2. I've not yet tried a Rimmel mascara I liked. So I didn't bother with this one. I don't feel it's something they do well. Revlon neither. Funny enough though I love covergirl mascara and nothing else. Lol


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