Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stockholm Haul - MAC, Sensai, Butter London, DKNY

I went to Stockholm, Sweden, for a little trip this week.

I went to a few department stores where they had MAC counters, and I was surprised to see they had the Hey Sailor! collection already. I thought it was supposed to be released on May 24, and it was there before. Now I know that was only the US release date, but still I would have assumed that the collections come out in USA and Canada way before Europe. The Helsinki MAC counter had that collection since the beginning of May. And because I assumed the collection was just released in Sweden cause they still had everything they'd have it in Helsinki then too, so I didn't get the stuff from Sweden cause that would have meant more carrying, and I doubt the products would have been any cheaper there. Well, Helsinki was sold out of the products I wanted to get when I got there on May 24th, cause they had gotten the collection in the beginning of May. I was annoyed. I should've bought them from Sweden.

Anyway, what I got from Helsinki's MAC counter then. 

I had run out of MAC's brush cleaner so I got a new one of that. I use powder foundations in the summer if I use any, and I wanted to get Fix+ to see if that would do something for me, make me less powdery looking if I decide to wear foundation. I think a water + toner combo would do the same thing, and it will be cheaper than using Fix+ for the same purpose. But I'll try this first, and then try water + toner.

Brush cleanser, 12 € / 235 ml; Fix+, 20 € / 100 ml
Then I got the matte Omega eyeshadow for my brows.

Eyeshadow 17 €
In Finland VAT is 23%, and in Sweden it was 25%. What is it in your country? What do MAC products cost where you live? 

I have been growing out my brows for the past month or so, and I can do a tutorial with this and my pencils. Let me know if you'd like that. 

I have been using Sensai's liquid liner since the fall, and soon I will run out of the product. I bought the refill from Sweden, and I now regret that cause it would have been cheaper in Finland. I can't find the receipt for this. It was like 180 Swedish kronor or so 20 euros, and I've seen this being sold for 16-17 euros in Finland.

I didn't take it out from the box, cause it is wrapped in plastic. I am only opening it when I am due to change the thing in the eyeliner pen. If you'd like I can do a liquid eyeliner tutorial. It seems I do liquid eyeliner differently than other people.

I smelled this perfume and it was great! DKNY's Sweet Delicious Limited Edition Creamy Meringue EdP, 50 ml. It was 345 Swedish kronor so about 38 euros.

Then I bought one nail polish. Butter London's polish in Primrose Hill Picnic. This cost 128 Swedish kronor so 14.2 euros. But that was by Google calculator. I saw the euro amount and the kronor amount cause I bought this from the ship we were on when going to Sweden, and this was 11.90 euros.

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Have a nice weekend!



  1. I looooove MAC Brush Cleanser. I should start using my Fix+ again because my skin has been so horrendously dry lately.

    We don't have VAT here, we just have horribly high prices in general :(

    1. I think it is good brush cleanser, but I sometimes can't get all brushes clean enough with it. I don't know...

      I didn't read too much about Fix+ before I bought it. It did take away the powderyness of powder foundation, but it made me super shiny! And I have dry skin for the most part.

      No VAT? I think we have high prices plus VAT... I can't wait to travel to the US someday. :D

  2. Nice haul, Sarafia! I love MAC's Fix +, I use it everyday to set my makeup and to rid my face of any dryness. It does wonders! :)

    1. Thanks, Alina! I've been trying to figure out how I can get it to work. Haha


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