Thursday, June 21, 2012

Haul 2 - Clarins and Viva la Diva

Happy Midsummer!

I live somewhat close to the arctic circle, well it crosses this country haha. And now, this weekend, we celebrate Midsummer, the time when the sun does not set and we have bonfires. This Midsummer, or Juhannus as we call it, is going to be so much fun!

Now, the part 2 of my blush haul. These are not from any online store, I bought these from a department store and the Nordic equivalent of Sephora, Kicks. Here is part 1 of the blush haul.
I got a -20% coupon for a department store. I decided to go buy a high end blush. I tried and tried, and finally made up my mind, and got a Clarins blush in Soft Peach. Blush Prodige - Illuminating Cheek Colour. The blush normally costs around 40€ and from that I got 20% off.

The packaging is gorgeous! It reminds me of YSL packages. I don't own any YSL, but a gold package only screams luxury. The packaging gets covered in fingerprints reeeaally easily. It does come with it's own little red pouch, but that doesn't protect the package from finger prints.

As you can see the blush brush is still in it's package. Haha. I am not going to throw it away even though I am not going to use it. 

The blush is just lovely on the skin! It is so incredibly natural.  There are small gold flecks, but they aren't visible in the picture.

The other blush I bought is Aloha by Viva la Diva. If I just look at the packages alone, these two blushes should not be talked about in the same blogpost. Haha. Viva la Diva's packaging, and the font of their name is just awful. The blush is a nice coral, again very natural.

I'll put the swatches of these two to the same blogpost where I will have the Physician's Formula and Sleek blush swatches.

Happy Midsummer if you celebrate it! Have a nice weekend otherwise! 


PS. I was so freaken ecstatic this morning when I noticed my blogpost where I swatched UD Naked palette and Sleek's Storm-palette next to each other, was featured in Nouveau, Cheap! It really made my day!!! Thank you so, so much!


  1. I'm so jealous of you and your midnight sun ;___; One day I will visit Finland during Summer!

    Both blushes look gorgeous, and I totally agree with you about that horrible font, haha

    1. Hey Silhouette Screams. You totally should visit! Third week, end of June is the best time if you want midnight sun. If you want nice weather, it is often a better idea to come in August.. :D We have had the biggest rains this June and beginning of July.

      The Viva la Diva blush is very nice. I was a little apprehensive about it being coral. The font is just... ugh.

    2. Oh yeah if you want extreme weather; come in January, and you will experience no sun, lots of snow and -20 celsius. :D


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