Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yummy fingers!

Essie's new summer collection has fantastic polishes like Bikini So Teeny and Cascade Cool

I only know of their new collections if I go see their polish stands, and I was excited to see they had changed their collection set up.

I put on Cascade Cool last Friday, and removed it on Monday morning. Now I have Bikini So Teeny on.

Cascade Cool reminded me of Splash of Grenadine, so I compared the two bottles, and they are different. Cascasde Cool on the left, Splash of Grenadine on the right.

Outdoors, direct sunlight, no flash
Cascade Cool is described on Essie's website as "a creamy, sweet dusty pink".

Indoors, with flash

Outdoors, direct sunlight, no flash

It held up really well from Friday to Monday. On Saturday I was helping out at my nephew's birthday party, so I was cleaning, washing dishes, and using my hands a lot before the party.

I used Rimmel's double duty base coat, three coats of Cascade Cool, and one coat of Seche Vite.

Bikini So Teeny is described as "a sparkling, cornflower blue" on Essie's website. The silver reflects are clearly visible in the bottle. I did notice they did not always apply evenly on the nail. I have some glitter clumps, and I think the sparkles show much more in the bottle than on the nail.

Indoors, by a window, no flash

I only took pictures indoors by a window with no flash, because if I had gone outside it would not have made a difference. I am expecting a storm to begin any minute, and it's quite dark and gray outside. I guess I am publishing this blogpost on Tuesday, but writing it on Monday because I published one blogpost yesterday, and don't want to publish two in one day.

Indoors, by a window, no flash

Which polishes did you pick up from this collection? 


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finished products - Mid April - Mid July

It is time to show and talk briefly about some products I have finished since the middle of April until July.

I think I did quite well. :D

  • Erisan Rauhoittava puhdistusemulsio, face wash with B5 and allantoin, 200 ml
  • Erisan Kosteuttava kasvovoide, moisturizer, 100 ml
    • Great for summer! It is not greasy, but it is very moisturizing
  • Lavera Faces Organic Calendula Balancing Cream, 7.5 ml sample size*
    • I could consider buying a fullsize later on
  • Lavera Faces Organic Wild Rose Moisturizing Cream, 7,5 ml sample size*
    • Hate, hate the smell. I hate wild rose scents... Ewww. Will not buy.
  • Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, 100 ml
    • Was better than it's non-waterproof sister, however I can't seem to get liquid eye makeup removers to do their job...
  •  Estelle & Thild Ecorganic Cleansing Gel, Fragrance free, ECO CERT, 150 ml
    • I was surprised this only had 150 ml, it looks like more. Cleansed my face well, and did not dry my skin at all. This was good, but would not recommend it for eyes, I guess it isn't supposed to be used on eyes, but I always try. I want a face wash that removes my face and eye makeup, and washes my face. I realize I need to wash my face then twice, and that is what I am willing to do, but with only 1 product! 

  • Seche Vite, 14 ml. 
    • Couldn't finish the bottle, cause I simply did not get the last 1/3 out.
  • Rimmel London Stronger Double Duty base coat: strengthens and protects, 12 ml. 
    • Same thing with this, didn't get all product out from the bottle.
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickner, 13.3 ml. 
    • Half empty, but the product became impossible to use. Stringy, very thick, and just annoying to use. 
  • Mavala Mavadry, 5 ml.
    • Annoyingly small bottle. Used it up so freaken fast! 
  • Sally Hansen Moisturizing Polish remover for dry and brittle nails, 236.5 ml
    • Great!

  • KMS California Color Vitality hair conditioner, 250 ml* 
    • Eh.. nothing special
  • Sunsilk Co-creations Damage reconstruction program hairmask, 250 ml 
    • Great! 

  • Cutrin Professional, Volumism Conditioner for normal and fine hair with natural Nordic birch sugar, 200 ml. 
    • It was okay... Some times it wasn't conditioning enough. 

  • Goldwell Fruits 4 You hair and body shampoo in Cassis, 250 ml
    • I bought Honey Melon first, fell in love with it and bought Cassis soon after. Cassis doesn't smell as good, and isn't as good as Honey Melon so I wanted to use it up before. 
  • Professional Hair Care Hair Repair Conditioner, 300 ml 
    • Wonderful when used with Goldwell's Honey Melon hair and body shampoo mentioned above.
  • TuuliTukka extra strong hair spray, 300 ml
    • Had this for like 3-4 years as my only hair spray. Yeah that is how much of it I use...  
  • MAC Brush cleanser, 235 ml

* Items marked with an asterix were given to me as a PR sample. 


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review - Sigma Beauty

This is a review/overview of Sigma Beauty.  (affiliate link)

I have ordered from Sigma four times now. I have received all my packages quite fast considering they need to send the packages to the Northern part of Europe. I also joined their affiliate program sometime after my first purchase, and have had links on my blog with the affiliate link. I have mentioned these then. 

I have never received a wrong item. I have never been charged extra from my credit card. You can use Paypal as well. If I have had questions about the affiliate program I have received a reply very quickly. I have not had to contact Sigma about my orders.  I think the shipping prices were/are quite high, that is one downside. Two of the four orders I got without shipping costs.

Here is my review of their E05 and E35 brushes. Here's another one of the E35.

Here is my review of their face brushes and synthetic Sigmax kabukis.

Here is a tutorial I made where I used Sigma's brushes.

Here is my first impressions of Sigmax Precision brushes.

I don't know when my next order will be, or what I will get. I feel I have a very good collection of brushes at the moment. Sigma's brushes have helped with that. 

If you are considering ordering from Sigma, that is great! I do like their synthetic brushes more than the ones with natural bristles, so next time I order it will only be synthetic brushes. The Mr. Bunny and Mrs. Bunny collections are vegan, and synthetic so you can consider those. All the Sigmax kabukis and Sigmax Precision brushes are synthetic as well. They are about to release a fifth synthetic kabuki. No one knows it's shape yet. EDIT July 15, 2012. F88 and P88 are flat angled brushes!

I have just received an email where they gave me a code for July to get 10% off the purchase. (Picture is affiliate linked, but the code is for all of you, it is not binded to my affiliate link)

When I ordered before I got a gift with my purchase if the purchase was over $30. It was a travel sized E25. Now they have changed this gift, and it is an eyeshadow palette with three shadows; the shadows are from the Bare, Dare and Flare palettes. I don't know how long they will be giving the palette as a gift. They might return to the travel sized E25 eventually, so don't you come and complain to me if you "only" get a brush, and not a eyeshadow palette...  Haha Like I said, they might only have the palettes until they run out, I am not really sure. (picture is affiliate linked)

All links except the ones to my blogposts are affiliate links. The affiliate program means that I get a code to insert to each link I use. If you follow my link, and choose to purchase I get a certain percentage of the sale. If you go to Sigma's page using my link, but decide to not buy anything, I don't get anything.

Have you ordered from Sigma Beauty?