Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yummy fingers!

Essie's new summer collection has fantastic polishes like Bikini So Teeny and Cascade Cool

I only know of their new collections if I go see their polish stands, and I was excited to see they had changed their collection set up.

I put on Cascade Cool last Friday, and removed it on Monday morning. Now I have Bikini So Teeny on.

Cascade Cool reminded me of Splash of Grenadine, so I compared the two bottles, and they are different. Cascasde Cool on the left, Splash of Grenadine on the right.

Outdoors, direct sunlight, no flash
Cascade Cool is described on Essie's website as "a creamy, sweet dusty pink".

Indoors, with flash

Outdoors, direct sunlight, no flash

It held up really well from Friday to Monday. On Saturday I was helping out at my nephew's birthday party, so I was cleaning, washing dishes, and using my hands a lot before the party.

I used Rimmel's double duty base coat, three coats of Cascade Cool, and one coat of Seche Vite.

Bikini So Teeny is described as "a sparkling, cornflower blue" on Essie's website. The silver reflects are clearly visible in the bottle. I did notice they did not always apply evenly on the nail. I have some glitter clumps, and I think the sparkles show much more in the bottle than on the nail.

Indoors, by a window, no flash

I only took pictures indoors by a window with no flash, because if I had gone outside it would not have made a difference. I am expecting a storm to begin any minute, and it's quite dark and gray outside. I guess I am publishing this blogpost on Tuesday, but writing it on Monday because I published one blogpost yesterday, and don't want to publish two in one day.

Indoors, by a window, no flash

Which polishes did you pick up from this collection? 


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